Update to Phase 1 guidance

Following further clarification by Sport England in recent days, relating specifically to the use of Hand-held equipment by adults, British Taekwondo would like to issue a minor update to its Phase 1 guidance for clubs in England that now permits:

  • Up to 6 adults from a maximum of 2 different households can come together to form a working bubble for hand held target work (previously this was advised as just 1 coach /1 student but a larger working bubble is also permitted)
  • Bubbles should remain consistent and socially distanced from all other bubbles, or groups of children at all times.
  • Any number of socially distanced bubbles and children’s groups are permitted as long as overall numbers conform to your venues Covid capacity limits.
  • Coaches holding targets are considered part of, and should remain with, that bubble* (*Coaches cannot move between bubbles or groups of children if they come closer than 2 metres with any other groups / bubbles)


  • General Taekwondo classes for groups of adults are permitted in any number but with all adults from different households remaining socially distanced at all times (eg: during all general training warm-ups / downs, drills, patterns etc) apart from when forming pad work bubbles as above
  • Adults from different households cannot participate in any form of sparring activity at Phase 1, that brings them into contact or closer than 2 metres.

These measures will remain in place until at least 21st June / Step 4 of the Westminster governments Covid roadmap

BT’s full guidance can be found on our Covid guidance pages on the website here:


Clubs should update their Covid risk assessments and implementation plans to reflect these changes and share the implementation plan with members


  • Competitions are still not permitted until at least Step 4 / Phase 3
  • Westminster government due to publish more information on events, restrictions and timelines in the coming weeks but this would not take effect until 21st June at the earliest

Please note that any return to training advice depends on the national or local lockdown situation at the time and crucially, legislation and guidance does differ in each Home Nation, so it’s important to be aware of the rules for your area.

The Phased Return to Play documents on our Covid pages are based on rules for England and the DCMS approved framework for Taekwondo.

Clubs in Scotland, Northern Ireland & Wales should check for any additional information and any differences we highlight from time to time.

We are continually monitoring the COVID-19 situation and aim to provide the most up to date guidance and resources for our clubs and members, to help keep everyone safe.