Hi everyone ,

Just a quick reminder that BT are looking for passionate volunteers with strategic management and administration experience, to help design and deliver a new development structure for our clubs teaching the traditional Martial Art.

The deadline for applications is 28th May – so if you want to get involved – read on !!!

Whilst an understanding of Taekwondo organisational structures is needed, these are primarily, project leadership roles, (so extensive technical knowledge, or a high Dan grade is not vital!) and we encourage any applicants with strong strategy development and operational management skills to apply.

Working alongside the department chair, and with a group of highly skilled technical coaches, the departments challenge is to create and deliver programs that excite and grow the:

  • Level of learning and participation in the Martial Art
  • Technical excellence training opportunities for our most talented Martial Art students
  • Specialist training assistance modules for specific genders, our younger / older members, and people with disability
  • Common technical syllabuses for Dan & Kup grades for our clubs to reference
  • Upskilling and qualification opportunities for Dan & Kup grade examiners

If you have the right project management skills and strategy experience to help shape the future – then please take a look at the roles available below and think about getting involved!!!

Take a look at the exciting roles available – click on the links below.

Closing date for applications: 28th May 2021

Martial Art Department – Technical Program Manager final

Martial Art Department – Operations Manager role description final

Martial Art Department – Education Manager Role description final

Martial Art Department – Examiners Program Manager Role Description final


Technical Delivery Roles

Once these Martial Art department strategic manager roles have been appointed, and a strategy forms, the department will be looking to work with a passionate group of highly skilled Taekwondo instructors to help develop the syllabus’s, technical content for Kup and Dan grades, and to lead specialist sessions across a range of activity (like basic technique, step sparring, self-defence, weapons defence and many more parts of our Martial Art discipline)

If you have high level skills or specialisms in some of these areas and would love the opportunity to share your experience and knowledge to a wider audience, keep an eye on the BT website as we will be sharing expression of interest forms in the coming weeks and months.