A Reminder to Coaches – Your Club needs a Welfare Officer

Hi there,

We’re all very excited that our clubs have returned to indoor training this week, it is a great step forward!

This is a perfect opportunity to get yourself ready and make sure everything’s in place – for example – you’re nominated Welfare Officer!

I know I sound like a broken record but I still have some blanks where names should be.

If you could please drop a message to myself at safeguarding@britishtaekwondo.org with the name(s) of your Welfare Officer(s), Club(s) attached to and a contact email I would really appreciate it and I can then contact them directly about the Welfare Officer Training and regional on-line forums due to start very soon.

If you are struggling to find someone willing to take on the role at the moment it would be really good practice to advertise my contact details on your website so members know they can contact someone if needed.

I look forward to meeting you all during this next year.

Rachel (British Taekwondo Safeguarding Officer)