Sport Referee Department – Update April 2021

Dear fellow BT Referees,

We hope you and your closest are all in good health, we know the Covid-19 Pandemic has been tough for everyone, but the end appears to now be in sight.

Like you, we are looking forward to being back in the action at BT Regional Kyorugi Events. Some dates have already started to appear in the calendar, and we hope to see you at these in the near future – all being well.

Prior to the first Event, our Referee Director, Jodie Sinden, will be carrying out an online Class 3 Refresher and a F2F Class 2 Refresher, just to get us all back up to speed before the real action begins. As it has been over a year since our last BT Event, I’m sure you’ll agree that attending these Refresher Courses will be of great benefit to us all and we hope that, through this training and support, we can return to refereeing with confidence!

We are also pleased to advise that Clare Laybourne has been selected for the WTE European Senior Championships to be held in Sofia, Bulgaria in April. We wish her every success at this event, where we are sure she will do us all proud.

Since our webinar presentation of our Referee Strategy and Referee Recognition Awards in December 2020 you may well be wondering what we have been up to in the BT Referee Department.

Well, we have been using our time constructively revising and developing Referee Policies and Procedures (P&Ps) to give direction and clarity in the future. These are at varying stages of development – some BT approved, some being Peer Reviewed by our GBR IR Team, some are Draft and still under discussion.

Soon, we hope to be able to launch a full suite of these on the BT website so that everyone in the Referee team can see how the Department operates with complete transparency. Also, we should soon see a new BT Referee logo and the offer of a range of quality Referee uniform and leisurewear.

For your information, the list of Referee P&Ps current underway is as follows:

  • Department Operations Policy
  • Code of Conduct
  • Complaints Policy
  • Communications Plan
  • Strategy
  • Budget
  • Events Calendar
  • Pathway & Promotions Policy
  • Domestic & Overseas Invitations Policy
  • Funding Policy
  • Benefits, Remuneration & Expenses Policy
  • Recognition Awards Policy
  • Selection Process for the BT Nationals
  • BT Organised Referee Courses
  • Hosting a Class 3 Judge Course (for Hosts)
  • Chief Referee Accreditation
  • Tutor Selection Policy
  • Mentor Selection Policy
  • Mentor Performance & Review Form
  • Uniform & Merchandising
  • Logo Standards
  • Weigh-In Policy
  • Yellow Card Policy
  • FOP Protocol
  • Referee Club Taster Courses
  • Chief Referee Event Pack

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the return of Sport Taekwondo events post Covid-19, please do not hesitate to contact me or anyone else in the BT Sport Referee Department, and we will aim to support you in any way we can.

Stay safe, get ready – almost there!