British Taekwondo is continually monitoring the COVID-19 situation and aims to provide the most up to date guidance and resources for our clubs and members, to help keep everyone safe.

We are working in partnership with DCMS, Sport England and other Sports Governing Bodies to develop the guidance and documentation that will help our clubs members understand the situation for sport and to assist them with a gradual safe return to activity.

British Taekwondo is now able to published the latest advice and guidance documents on the current COVID-19 situation and relating to the return to indoor activity from Step 2 in England  (no earlier than 12th April)

These can all be found on our Covid guidance pages on the website here:

Please note that any return to training advice depends on the national or local lockdown situation at the time and crucially, legislation and guidance does differ in each Home Nation so its important to be aware of the rules for your area.

The documents on our Covid pages are based on rules for England and the DCMS approved framework for Taekwondo.

All Return to Play phases must also consider and follow each each Home Nations specific restrictions on what Adults and Children can and cannot do, where and when –  so clubs should never try to overinterpret guidance if it contravenes National lockdown measures. (For example, In England, any type of adult class where multiple adults from different households are being taught collectively by a single coach is not permitted indoors until Step 3 of the governments roadmap. Individual adults training on their own or with a coach 1:1, is permitted at step 2 though from April 12th at the earliest)

Clubs in Scotland, Northern Ireland & Wales should check for any additional information and any differences we highlight from time to time.


The overarching combat sports framework is broken down into 4 simple phases. This will permit Taekwondo clubs to open and operate with confidence, as government agencies relax rules for sporting & physical activity.

You can download a copy from our Covid Guidance pages.

British Taekwondo-Phase 0-3 framework updated 29th March 2021



As government lockdown rules gradually relax, and in line with any step by step approach governments take to ease the restrictions, different phases of permitted activity in Taekwondo clubs will come into affect. In addition, these phases may be applied differently to certain groups, particularly adults, where the impacts of the virus are now proven to be more of a risk.

Please see our Covid pages for more details and to download the range of available documents that set out the current position for clubs in England