Congratulations to our Competition Winners!

Hi Everybody,

We would like to say a huge thank you to all of our members and coaches who sent in photographs to use in our ‘2021 to 2031 Strategy for Growth‘ document!

This is an extremely exciting time for British Taekwondo and to be able to showcase our very own clubs and members makes this next chapter extra special.

As you will all remember, if your photos were used within our strategy document, you would win a 1-year free British Taekwondo membership!


We are pleased to announce the following competition winners:

Seyit Bozdag, Bozdag Taekwondo

Steven Grabek, Enso Taekwondo Academy

Amanda Kingsley, Waterside Taekwondo Club

Chris Pearson, Phoenix Taekwondo

Jenny Whiting, JEM Taekwondo


British Taekwondo Membership Services Officer, Emily Moore, will be in contact will all competition winners this week to sort out your 1-year free membership!

Thank you again to everybody who sent in photographs! You may still seem them appear on our website and social media channels, so keep an eye out!