Shape the Future – Join our Technical Departments!

As we head into what we hope will be a year of recovery and great opportunities, British Taekwondo is looking for talented and experienced British Taekwondo members to join our technical department teams, to help develop and deliver a long-term strategy for growth, technical excellence, and participation opportunities for our membership.

These volunteer roles are an ideal way to get involved in shaping the future of our Martial Art and Olympic Sport, so whether you are a club leader, referee, or athlete – BT needs your help and technical knowledge to devise and build the programs and events for the future.

Many department roles have been filled during 2020, but there are still some roles available for people to get involved – so if you want to make a difference, and contribute to the direction and growth of Taekwondo in 2021 – take a look at the downloadable role descriptions below and get your applications in!


The deadline for applications for roles within this new department has been extended.

If you have lots of ideas and passion for the Martial Art side of Taekwondo, and the organisational skills and experience to help shape the future – then please take a look at the roles available and think about getting involved!

The new department will start small, with 5 departmental management roles as below, and will look to expand, once a strategy is developed and as activity scales up, alongside the creation of events departments in the new year.

This will include helping to develop:

  • A series of seminars and technical excellence training opportunities for our most talented Martial Artists
  • Specialist training assistance programs for specific genders, our younger / older members, and people with disability
  • Best practice examples of common technical syllabus’s for Dan & Kup grades for our clubs to reference
  • Upskilling and qualification opportunities for Dan & Kup grade examiners.

Roles available

Martial Art Department – Chair Role Description V3

Martial Art Department – Operations Manager role description V3

Closing date for applications is 29th January 2021

Martial Art Department – Technical Director Role Description V3

Martial Art Department – Education Manager Role description V3

Martial Art Department – Examiners Program Manager Role Description V3

Closing date for applications is 12th February 2021


There are a couple of roles still available within this department, covering Kyorugi referee activity. If you would like to support the development and delivery of new referee education courses and progression events within our great Taekwondo family of referees – then please take a look at the role descriptions.

Sport Taekwondo Referee Department – Education & Progression Manager V2

Sport Taekwondo Referee Department – Technical Support Manager V2

Closing date for applications is 29th January 2021



If you love Taekwondo Poomsae, want to get involved and have great organisational skills, then the Poomsae referee department is looking for you to join the BT management team driving the technical improvement of our Poomsae referee family over the coming years.

Have a look at the role description below.

Poomsae Referee Department – Operations manager Role Description V2

Closing date for applications is 29th January 2021


Come join us and help shape the future of British Taekwondo!