Thank you Sarah Farthing and Mark Ford!

This week we would like to celebrate both Sarah Farthing and Mark Ford, who have both been nominated by their members for our ‘Support Your Coach’ campaign as a thank you for their hard work and commitment during 2020!

First up, we have Sarah Farthing from Taekwondo Cymru!



“I would like to nominate Sarah Farthing for all of the hard work and training sessions she has provided for all Taekwondo Cymru students, including my son and myself. 

We found it very difficult at the start of lockdown and as my son is a high energy boy with ADHD we were thrilled with all the activities Sarah Farthing provided for us all. Not just online sessions but challenges, tasks, etc she has gone out of her way to keep all students engaged in taekwondo, and she herself has had to work from home too but built a dojang in her house and provided a zoom session nearly every day over the lockdown!

She is also a kind and caring coach, but pushes the children to their full potential and does the same for the adult students. She is an inspiration and without her we would’ve found lockdown extremely difficult. The Taekwondo Cymru Zoom and Facebook sessions were the highlight of our day during lockdown, bringing smiles to my sons and my face. Thank you Sarah”.

Amy and Jason Davies



“My boys Tomy and Tyler Joshua would like to put forward there coach miss sarah farthing for support my coach week!
The boys both say it has been the strangest year ever and are very grateful for all the effort that their coach Sarah Farthing has put in, going above and beyond supporting the whole family and not just the children, also giving guidance to parents in this strange time to make it the best both mentally and physically during lockdown that it can possibly be for the children. Sarah has put on weekly zoom sessions and outdoor sessions and has given lots of information for mental wellbeing as well as online techniques to keep them going. They want to thank her for everything she does”.

Tomy & Tyler Joshua 



Sarah Farthing has conducted over 200 online sessions for Taekwondo Cymru students during lockdowns and fire breakers, including full 1.5hr kick Bob sessions! All with the assistance of her fellow Taekwondo Cymru Coaches!


Next up we have  Mark Ford from Awtc New Milton Taekwondo Club!


I attend New Milton Taekwondo Club, which is run by volunteer. The club is over thirty years old and is run by Mark Ford. In the two years that I have been with the club, I’ve gone from being someone who wanted to really get to a black belt, to someone taking the time to move and progress through Taekwondo as I’m ready. That I believe comes from being at a club that has true passion for Taekwondo. Everyone here is made welcome and confidence building is one of Master Marks best qualities. All the volunteer coaches have been trained with the same amazing skills. For the second year in a row, my daughters school have mentioned the positive effect that Taekwondo has had on her confidence. If I was to sum up why I think Master Mark deserves to know that his club support him, it would be this. He has given us all a safe place to train, where everyone is respected, he builds confidence in all the kids and most of the adult too. He is always coming up with new ways to keep training fun and he has given us all a genuine passion for Taekwondo”.

Karla, Lucia and Savannah



I just had to drop a line to say how impressed I am with how  Mark Ford has dealt with everything this year and he deserves a pat on the back for all his efforts. 

My daughter Megan, age nearly 8, has been going to the kids club for the past few years and absolutely loved it. From January 2020 she started going to the ‘big club’ with Mark and has really flourished. She absolutely loves her Friday night taekwondo classes, and as much as she is sometimes tired by the end of the week,  always comes out of the class so enthusiastic. She is determined that she will one day become a black belt and we will support her all the way. Mark always manages to pitch the class to everyone in a way that is encouraging and supportive, he deserves recognition for all he does to promote this amazing sport.

I look forward to watching Megan grow with the club and also look forward to the day I can watch her train again”.


Emma Saunders 



“Mark Ford – The legend that has run our club for over 30years. His knowledge, commitment, patience and humour carries us all, even on the toughest of training sessions.

We are back training; all be it in a very different way. Mark constantly strives to keep us on our toes, adapting the class to challenge all from ages 7yrs to 70 years young!

We would just love to thank him”.

Nina, Bobby and Maggie McAllister



“Our coach at New Milton Taekwondo, Mark Ford, has been amazing through 2020. He has adapted classes to continue supporting the development of all his students, at all levels.  The club remains to be inclusive of all people and my whole family attend,  ages 7 to 40. The effort and commitment that Mark puts in for the benefit of all his students is amazing and I know we all truly appreciate it,  especially during these more uncertain times. 


Luke Guppy


“Would just like to mention that our Coach Master Mark Ford always go above and beyond to keep our club running. This is all done in his own time and receives no payment for it. Would be great for him to know how we all appreciate the hard work he puts in, even more so during theses difficult times”.



We couldn’t resist adding in this throwback of Mark Ford, receiving his black belt 1st Dan in 1988!!


We would like to say well done and thank you to both Sarah and Mark for their hard work during this difficult year, we hope these messages of support from your members inspire you!!




Please Note: All of the above took place within the relevant COVID guidance at that time. Some photos are also dated back to before COVID.