Sport Referee Department ‘’At the centre of our sport’’ Referee Recognition Awards 2020

Hi Everybody.

We are excited to introduce “At the centre of our sport” Referee Recognition Awards!

The annual BT Referee Recognition Awards have been introduced to formally recognise the hard work and value added to BT competitions by each Class of BT Referee during the year.

The winners of these awards have been selected based on a free vote of all registered BT Referees, based on their own view of the candidate’s performance and stature during the year.

The GBR International Referee Award has been selected by a free vote of the GBR IR’s to recognise their international performance and dedication to WT/WTE events


The BT Referee Recognition Award Winners for 2020 are: 

  • GBR International Referee of the Year Award Master Paul Timms
  • BT Class 1 Referee of the Year Award Sharon Boardman
  • BT Class 2 Referee of the Year Award Adam Dickson
  • BT Class 3 Referee of the Year Award Angela Davison
  • BT Computer Operator of the Year Award Olivia Shaw-Wilkinson

Thank you all for your dedication and work during 2020!

We looking forward to working with you all in 2021.

The Sport Kyorugi Referee Department


Master Paul Timms – GBR International Referee Award 2020

(Pictured with WT President Dr Chungwon Choue)

Sharon Boardman – BT Class 1 Referee of the Year 2020