New British Taekwondo Event Health & Safety Plans

Dear BT Members,

I was appointed by British Taekwondo as their ‘Member Health and Safety Adviser’ earlier this year. As well as being a NEBOSH qualified Health and Safety (H&S) Consultant I am also a 45-year Taekwondo veteran, therefore I understand the issues we have as participants, Instructors, Players, Coaches and Referees. I will use my experience in both fields to help BT be a leading organisation in Martial Arts H&S and to reduce injuries to all of their members.

My role is to assist and advise the BT CEO and Board to make the safety and health of BT Members its main priority whilst taking part in any Taekwondo activities. The BT Board is truly committed to the H&S of all BT members, as demonstrated through their proactive management during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Since my appointment we have redeveloped and approved the new BT H&S Policy and Procedures and developed Guidelines to help with the Reporting of Accidents and Head Injuries. These are now on the BT website. Their purpose is again, to ensure the H&S of BT Members whilst maintaining BT members legal compliance with current legislation and insurance.

We now reach the next stage of our H&S journey – to improve our UK Kyorugi and Poomsae Events. On these occasions we all come together as Organisers, Helpers, Spectators, Coaches, Players and Officials (young and old – able and less so able).

We create an environment where accidents and injuries can happen to anyone involved in such endeavours. Whilst the Event Host always remains fully responsible for the H&S of all concerned at their own events – it is BT’s aim to provide structure and guidance to ensure a consistent approach to the quality of UK Events, and therefore a high standard of H&S expectations at every Event.

In 2021, all BT sanctioned UK Kyorugi or Poomsae Events will require a completed Event H&S Plan to be submitted for review prior to the event occurring.

These H&S Plans can be found below:



The aim is not to make it hard for the organiser, to add cost, to make life difficult, to catch anyone out or restrain events – the purpose is to improve life for everyone who is involved – to think through the problems before they occur on the day and to provide a structure allowing repeatable consistency at events.

BT is here to help with insurance, guidance, support and I am always keen to support if needed. Our BT Event Chief Referees and Referee Directors will also have advanced sight of the H&S Plans ensuring that they also know what to expect on the day and how to monitor it.

Please read the new H&S Plans, they are almost mirror images of each other, they bring together legal requirements, WT Codes and Rules with common sense and good practice control measures for everyone to enjoy an exciting day of WT/BT compliant competition.

Any queries please contact me directly on my BT H&S email ( or my mobile: 07710 011730

Tom Stammer, TechIOSH, BT Member H&S Adviser