Last World Taekwondo Level 2 Coaching Course, 7th-9th January 2021

Attention all Kyorugi coaches,

We wanted to make sure you were all aware that the last World Taekwondo Level 2 Coaching Course will be held on 7th – 9th January 2021.

This will be the last opportunity for eligible coaches to directly sit an online WT Level 2 course (after which everybody will have to sit the Level 1 course and then the Level 2 course).

This WT Coach Course Level 2 is for members who:

  • Hold a valid CU Coach Licence valid for 2020 or beyond
  • Have coached at a WT Promoted Event in 2019

If you meet either of these criteria then you are eligible to register for this WT course.

To view the 2019 WT Promoted Events click HERE

The curriculum will include the following topic:

  • WT Rules and Administration
  • Competition Rules and Case Studies
  • Games Management
  • Medical Care and Anti-Doping
  • Safeguarding
  • Sport Psychology
  • Coaching Skills
  • Other subjects deemed necessary
  • Introduction to WT Global Membership System (GMS)

For more information on this course, please click HERE

The course cost is $ 300 US Dollars

At the end of the course (once you have passed the test!) you will be a fully qualified World Taekwondo Level 2 coach!

If you would like to register:

  • You will need to be a valid Global licence holder

(If you don’t have a WT global licence – contact

  • You should pay by card at the time of registration or by bank transfer to WT (full details of payment methods in outline)

To view the course outline click HERE

To view the registration overview click HERE