Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Data Collection & Monitoring

The collection and monitoring of equality information is one of the most vital and strategic tools in understanding the diversity of our workforce, customers and service users and identifying under representation and gaps.

Equality information can also allow us to understand the impact our activities have on the different sections of the community we serve and monitor the outcomes of any Equality and Diversity initiatives we undertake to address any areas of under representation.

As a National Governing Body we need to be aware of our membership and understand the characteristics represented, identifying any underrepresentation and formulating plans and activities to address those gaps.

To that end we’ll be sending out a survey to all members and coaches to collect this data. We would be very grateful if you could complete it over the Christmas holidays and we look forward to seeing all your responses in the New Year.

Alternatively click HERE to complete the survey.

Whilst the form requests membership number and postcode this is purely to allow us to review the statistics on a regional and club basis and the information gathered will be strictly confidential and reported on anonymously.