Thank you Paul Jones #SupportYourCoach

Hi Everybody,

Following an amazing response from our Support Your Coach post last week, we have decided to celebrate a different BT coach each week until the end of the year so that we can share as many of your messages as we can!

We are delighted to announce that the first coach we are thanking is Paul Jones, from Llantwit Major Taekwondo.

Below are a few messages we have received thanking and supporting Paul for his amazing work during 2020!


“I am emailing to raise awareness and say thanks to my daughter’s club Llantwit Major Taekwondo, Wales.

Prior to lockdown, Master Paul demonstrated his commitment are professionalism to coach all of his students to the best of his knowledge through the provision of quality, challenging and supportive sessions in a family friendly club. He provided opportunities for all students to participate in competitions and spent a great deal of time going the extra mile for his club.

Since March, when lockdown began, Master Paul has continued to demonstrate his commitment and will for his students to learn through the provision of online training sessions for his students, at this point I think they are up to session 90!

The club has also put on various virtual quiz nights and coffee mornings for the families of the clubs and the students.

In recent times, Paul has helped to enable the students who can attend classes, do so in a way that is safe, even taking advantage of outdoor training when possible, while at the same time providing a virtual session for the students who are unable to attend due to regional laws or isolation restrictions.

I just wanted to give him a big shout out for his commitment and the care that he has shown to his students. Having the sessions continue has not only allowed my daughter to maintain her physical health, but has provided her with a much needed routine and helped ensure that her mental wellbeing is kept good too”.

Robbie Owen



“I know all other parents in Llantwit Major Tkd Wales are with me on this, Master Paul Jones has been there every step of the way for the students.

First lockdown zoom sessions were set up so the children could keep training, helping massively with mental health, allowing everybody to keep their skills and continue improving. Master Paul also did zoom quizzes every Friday, this helping in keeping the club spirit going. Master Paul and Ruth have played a huge part in trying to keep some kind of normality for the children, something as parents we will be forever grateful for!”.

Scott Jones



“During this lockdown Sir has helped me and all of our club members get through this tough time, he has done an amazing job keeping everyone motivated while carrying on our training sessions on zoom. Although it’s not the same training as before and we are not  able to see everyone, Sir has made this experience the best it could possibly be. The highlight of my day is getting on the zoom call to see everyone and still be able to learn a lot whilst training online. As I’ve had to isolate for 6 weeks, missing school, not able to get out of the house and only social distanced zoom training, he continues to check up on me raising my spirits through the phone, as this is not the year I expected it to be. Sir still made my training and taekwondo year amazing. I would like to thank Master Paul Jones for all the hard work he has done and put in to make it the best experience for all of us!”

Eve Htut 


Paul has also been running competitions to keep his members occupied, including prizes for the winners!



We would like to say well done and thank you to Paul for your hard work and dedication during this difficult time, it is great to see so many messages of support!




Please Note: All of the above took place within the relevant COVID guidance at that time.