Thank you Colin Graves and Sean Neill

We are thrilled to celebrate both Colin Graves and Sean Neill from Waterside Taekwondo Club, who have both been nominated by their members for our ‘Support Your Coach’ campaign as a thank you for their hard work and commitment during 2020!



Below are a few messages we have received thanking both Colin and Sean for their support this year!


“Our coach Colin Graves from Waterside Taekwondo club has been very good to us during the pandemic. At the beginning of lockdown in march he lent me and my sister Poppy the 20:20 body armour to help us continue training and we were able to spar each other.

My coach helped me a lot  because he leant us mats when we went to France on holiday in August so we could train there, and even though my dad was training us he always supported us through text and helped us very much.

He helped my dad via zoom by watching the drills we were doing at home in our garage and guided us on further areas to improve.

My coach always tries to get the best out of me. He knows my weaknesses and tries to help me get better. Eventhough there are no competitions at the moment he is helping me to keep focussed and ready for when we start back again.

The photo is me and my coach at the Nationals in 2019 where I won Gold”.

Lily Kingsley 




“I would like to nominate master Sean Neill and master Colin Graves from Waterside Teakwondo club. They have both been amazing doing everything they can to keep training and spirits up all throughout lockdown 1 and now through lockdown 2. The provided a great selection of classes for all ages and abilities on zoom, and the brief time we could train in the halls again I have never been more in love with the sport than I am now. I’m 41 years old and very over weight but I love teakwondo, both coaches especially master Sean Neill has given me a lot of support and confidence I never thought I could I have at my time in life. They are both fantastic coaches”.

Amy-louise Cottell



“Colin Graves and Sean Neill they have been fantastic with everyone social distancing with the 2m rule they have kept in place and kept everyone safe and everyone has still been able to train safely. They have done an amazing job. Two great instructors”.

Natasha Staddon



“Sean has been such an inspiring coach. My son was diagnosed with autism and had found socialising with others difficult.

Sean has been so kind and patient. This has enabled my son to succeed in taekwondo and to make friendships which has had such a positive impact on Elliott’s life.

Elliott has such an amazing bond with Sean. Sean is always there to inspire, motivate and support all of his members. He definitely deserves some recognition”.

Laura Stokes



Waterside Taekwondo Club showed their support to the NHS with their club mascot Fang, while also running club competitions online such as a fancy dress competition and ‘Show us your teddies’ for the Tiny Tigers. They also introduced a 10 minute finisher to their online sessions were they would add in some dance moves so that they were all dancing together.

Colin said “I’ve certainly learnt how to do the Carlton and the Floss!”



We would like to say well done and thank you to both Colin and Sean for their hard work and dedication during this difficult time, it is great to see so many messages of support!




Please Note: All of the above took place within the relevant COVID guidance at that time. Some photos are also dated back to before COVID.

If you would like to show some support for your coach, please send your message to