Online 2020 World Taekwondo Poomsae Championships

The weekend 15th November saw the opening of the Online 2020 World Taekwondo Poomsae Championships. A delegation from World Taekwondo which including the UK’s Grandmaster T.W. Shin hosted the Head of Team Meeting with representatives from all the nations taking part eager to find out how the event would be held as well as the compulsory poomsae requirements and the athlete running order.

This is the inaugural online event held by World Taekwondo and with over 1,500 athletes from more than 90 countries set to participate, it is on track to be the biggest World Taekwondo Poomsae Championships ever held. 

The Championships will be a multi-format competition featuring an Open event for Cadet (U14), Junior (U17) and Freestyle athletes as well as for the first time at a World Championships; Family Pair and Family Team events. There will also be a G-2 ranked event featuring the best selected athletes from each country around the World competing against each other in the Senior Individual categories (U30, U40, U50, U60, U65 and O66).

The two separate formats of competition will be taking place with athletes uploading their performances  for each of the three rounds of competitions (Preliminary, Semi-Finals and Finals) to be scored and their videos and results livestreamed. For the G-2 senior athletes, they will be fighting to be one of the top 8 athletes in their category for a chance to perform in the final that will be streamed live to the World.

This will be no easy task though with some categories featuring more than 200 athletes taking part in the preliminary round. From that the top 50% of competitors with the highest score will advance to the semi final with the top 8 competitors in each category proceeding to the final. 


The schedule for the championships is as follows:

Preliminaries – 23rd-27th November

Semi-Final – 5th-6th December

Live Finals (G-2 – Seniors) – 7th-12th December

Finals (Open – including Cadet / Junior and Freestyle) – 14th-15th December


Great Britain will be well represented at the World Championships by a 25-strong Team including medallists from previous European and World Championships!

G-2 Event:
U40 Female – Sheena Au Yeung
U40 Male – Reza Saberi
U50 Male – Simon Negus
U60 Male – Wayne Nicklin
U65 Male – Peter Johnson
O66 Female – Joy Stirk

Open Event:

U14 Female
Eilidh Burke
Bethany Dewar
Lydia Fraser
Ruby MacKay
Olivia McGeoch
Anna McLellan
Izzy Mear
Kacey-Marie Titley

U14 Male
Alfie Harper
Callum Newby
Zaw Torley

U17 Female
Emily Ord
Amy Stewart
Kristi Vafiadis
Natasha Wilson

U17 Male
Neil Kaczan
Nino Ontoy
Joshua Tobin
Oakley Wright

All of our team members have sent in their videos ready for the scoring to begin tomorrow!

From all at British Taekwondo and GB Poomsae we wish you the best of luck!