Club Assistance Pack Update (Edition 19)

We are now publishing version 19 of our Covid-19 Club Assistance Pack which you can download below:


This is packed full of tips regarding potential support from government sources.

Keep safe, keep strong and do what you can!

Updates to the Club Assistance Pack:




The Welsh Government’s ‘Firebreak’ lockdown ended today (Monday 9th November), which now permits indoor and outdoor activity including organised exercise classes.

In Summary

  • Indoor Taekwondo classes for up to 15 people including the coach can now take place with social distancing
  • Outdoor classes for up to 30 people including the coach can now take place with social distancing
  • Children aged 10 or younger are exempt from social distancing and are not limited to the indoor numbers of 15 provided there is a sufficient number of coaches in attendance

This means that BT club sessions in Wales can now take place for groups of up to 15 people (including the coach) indoors and 30 people (including the coach) outdoors, provided everyone form a different household maintains a 2 metres distance at all times.

Children aged 10 years and younger are exempt from social distancing during classes and are permitted to take part in classes in larger numbers, provided the coach has carried out a risk assessment of the venue/area, the activity and stays 2 metres away from all those in the class at all times. Social distancing guidelines still apply to those aged 11 years and older.

Travel restrictions within Wales have now been lifted. Although, travel to and from England is still not permitted.

To read the guidance in full or for more information, please visit the Welsh Government’s website:

Welsh Government website:

This is in Wales only! 

Please note:

For more detailed guidance on indoor coaching, please refer to the BT Return to Training document and templates on the BT website at:

Please note: These measures are from the latest information available on Monday 9th November 2020 and are subject to changes as and when announced by each home-nation Government.