Covid-19 Restrictions Update – 22nd October 2020

Covid-19 Restrictions Update – 22nd October 2020


Dear BT coaches,

Since our last update on 14th October, there have been some changes in how the new Tiered System in England is being implemented across different council areas (see below).

Wales have also introduced a National Lockdown or ‘firebreak lockdown’ to begin at 6pm on Friday 23rd October.

Please see the latest advice and guidance for your area below:



 In England, the Westminster Government has recently introduced the new Tiered System or COVID ALERT LEVEL system to determine which lockdown restrictions are in place across different regions. Each region is then broken down further into local council areas, who may add their own additional local lockdown restrictions, based on the virus levels in that area!

You will now need to determine both the tier level, and local council restrictions to understand the guidance your club must operate within (or even if you have to close).


  • Check the Postcode Checker on the Government website to determine which Tier or COVID ALERT LEVEL your club is in (link below).

Postcode Checker on UK Government website:

  • You should then check your Council website for local restrictions (checking if socially distanced indoor exercise classes that do not mix are permitted, as this is the operating guidance that Taekwondo is following)


UK Government website

For general government guidance on COVID related restrictions. You can find these via the link below:



 From 6pm on Friday 23rd October (until 12.01am on Monday 9th November), Wales will begin a ‘firebreak lockdown’ which will see all gyms and leisure facilities close, as well as other tighter restrictions being enforced across the whole of Wales. People in Wales are still permitted to exercise outdoors, provided they are alone or with people from their household.


Welsh Government website:

For general government guidance on COVID related restrictions. You can find these via the link below:



 In addition to the current Sportscotland and SCoT guidance, the following rules apply to clubs in the areas listed below until 06.00 on Monday 26th October:

  • No indoor exercise for those aged 18 or older
  • Those aged 18 or older can continue to take part in non-contact exercise outdoors only
  • Those aged 12-17 can now take part in non-contact exercise indoors and contact exercise outdoors
  • Those aged 11 or younger can take part in contact exercise indoors or outdoors

​​​​These restrictions apply to these local authority areas:

Clackmannanshire, East Ayrshire, East Dunbartonshire, East Lothian, East Renfrewshire, Edinburgh (City of), Falkirk, Glasgow City, Inverclyde, Midlothian, North Ayrshire, North Lanarkshire, Renfrewshire, South Ayrshire, South Lanarkshire, Stirling, West Dunbartonshire, West Lothian

The current sportscotland and SCoT guidance still applies for all clubs not in the areas listed above.

In summary for BT clubs not in the areas listed above:

  • For those aged 11 years or younger, guidance permits contact and non-contact classes with no social distancing required
  • For those aged 12 years and older indoor guidance permits non-contact classes provided everyone from a different household is socially distanced
  • Outdoor guidance permits up to 29 people (not including the coach) of any age to take part in contact and non-contact activity with no social distancing required for the duration of the activity, provided mitigating measures are put in place e.g. small group numbers and limited time together


Scottish Government website:

For general government guidance on COVID related restrictions. You can find these via the link below:



The Government in Northern Ireland made the following announcement, which will affect BT clubs for indoor sessions:

In addition to current household restrictions, the following measures will come into regulatory effect on Friday 16th October and will be in place for a period of four weeks:

  • No indoor sport of any kind or organised contact sport involving household mixing other than at elite level;

In summary for clubs in Northern Ireland:

  • Indoor sessions are no longer permitted under this current guidance, which takes effect form Friday 16th October 2020
  • Outdoor non-contact sessions can continue for up to 15 people with no contact between different households, provided everyone from a different household is socially distanced at all times and all other Northern Ireland guidance is followed.


Northern Ireland Government website:

For general government guidance on COVID related restrictions. You can find these via the link below:


We appreciate that the rapidly growing number of different restrictions within the UK is becoming extremely confusing, and we are all trying our best to make sense of the ever-changing rules and ask for your help in flagging any significant local changes or differences in our advice that might affect how a club can operate.

If you have any relevant information or questions, please get in touch at: