Youth Mental Health Day is here!

Today is the first Youth Mental Health Day, set up by Stem4. A day to encourage understanding and awareness of mental health in young people.

This day is focused on building resilience, and learning how to ‘Bounce Not Break’ in challenging times.

This campaign focuses on the need to understand that anyone, however successful or seemingly popular, can face struggles with mental health, but that you can ‘bounce not break’ by finding strategies that help you cope.

As resilience is a key part of taekwondo, we ask that all coaches share the news with their members and get them to share how they #BounceNotBreak!

It would be great if younger members could share their #BounceNotBreak stories on social media! Remember to tag us in your posts!

To check out Stem4’s promotional video click here.

If this is making you think about your own mental health try taking the Every Mind Matters 5 question quiz for some hints and tips on how to feel good!