Volunteer Department Appointments

Following another round of recruitment, presentations and interviews, British Taekwondo are pleased to announce further appointments to some of our new volunteer led technical departments.

Its been really great to see so many highly knowledgeable and technically skilled people putting themselves forward, and very interesting to hear a lot of new ideas and enthusiasm for the future – even under these trying circumstances, as we all come to terms with the effects of Covid-19 on our lives.

Also, a huge thank you to everyone who submitted applications of interest, but may not have been successful this time around.

Our new departmental management structure ethos is designed to be open, transparent, collaborative, democratic and not hierarchical in nature. We encourage everyone, whether it be athletes, referees or coaches to please engage with the new departments (who are volunteers too !..and giving up a lot of personal time) so we can all push in the same direction, supporting each other to get the best out of our wonderful Martial Art and Sport with the aim of providing opportunities for all!

More departmental roles will become available in the coming weeks so keep checking the BT website!

So far, we are pleased to announce the following people and roles.


Poomsae Referee Department

Gerry Reilly has been appointed Chair

Glen Culbert has been appointed Referee Director

Carolina Barros has been appointed Education & Progression Manager

Sian Reilly has been appointed Marketing Manager


Poomsae Performance Department

Gemma Biescas has been appointed Chair

Della O’Horo has been appointed Operations Manager

Chan Sau has been appointed Head Coach

Gillian Fitzpatrick has been appointed Squad Logistics Manager


Sport Referee Department

Tom Stammer has been appointed Chair

Rick Simpson has been appointed Operations Manager

Jodie Sinden has been appointed Referee Director

Again a huge thanks to all those that took part in this process. and we look forward to working with everyone for the betterment of all Taekwondo practitioners and supporters