Club Assistance Pack Update (Edition 11)

We are now publishing version 11 of our Covid-19 Club Assistance Pack which you can download below:


This is packed full of tips regarding potential support from government sources, how to operate outdoors, how to work effectively online and guidance on returning to training.

Keep safe, keep strong and do what you can!

Updates to the Club Assistance Pack:


Please note: due to the continued rise in localised COVID-19 infections, some areas have implemented localised lockdown measures. To find out more about which areas have localised lockdown measures in place, please click the link below:

As well as the resumption of outdoor sports, the governments in England, Wales and Northern Ireland have announced a return to indoor sport, provided facilities and facility operators adhere to strict safety and hygiene measures. For more advice and guidance on resuming indoor sport in England, Wales or Northern Ireland, please refer to the British Taekwondo Return To Training document via the link below:

This means that all public gyms and places where group activity takes place in Scotland, must remain closed for the time being, until government rules relax further, which is to be reviewed on 14th September.

For outdoor sports training, please see the guidance below for each of the home nations.



The Scottish Government lockdown rules allow up to 15 people from up to 5 different households to meet outside, provided each household keeps 2 metres apart.

The Coaching Guidelines now allow for a Coach to take up to 14 clients, provided the clients are all from only 4 different households. The Coach counts as 1 of the 15 permitted people in the group. Everyone from different households must maintain a 2 metres distance at all times.

Outdoor contact sports for adults may be able to resume within the group gathering rules in Scotland from 24th August. This is currently under review by the Scottish Government and sportscotland.

For social distancing rules for children in Scotland, please click the link below to view the ‘Phase 3: Return to Sport and Physical Activity’ document:

People in Scotland must also wear a face covering on public transport and in enclosed public spaces.

This is in Scotland only!




Sport England and the other Home Nation funding bodies have unveiled a massive support package for voluntary clubs and physical activity organisations which we are sure will lift a huge burden for many British Taekwondo clubs wondering how they can get through the coming weeks and months of closure and disruption caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Any available funding to support for community or not for profit clubs in England should now available through your County Sports Partnership (CSP) through the Active Partnerships website:

Please contact your local County Sports Partnership to enquire about funding and other support they may be able to offer you/your club during the COVID crisis.

Please see the tables (page 17 in document) for the main areas of support that could apply to British Taekwondo clubs/businesses. As all home countries (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) are implementing these support measures slightly differently, which is why they all have their own table.

Please note: If you use an Accountant to do your annual tax returns, they will be best placed to advise you on the best course(s) of action to take for support.

All Club Support Tables have been updated with the link to the 2nd phase of the Self-employment Income Support Scheme and the England Club Support Table with the Active Partnerships link.