Return To Training Guidance For British Taekwondo Clubs NOW AVAILABLE


As pandemic restrictions ease across the Home Nations, we want to give our members, clubs and event hosts as much information and guidance as possible.

Whilst this is a little complicated by the fact that each Home Nation is moving at a slightly different pace in terms of relaxation of rules, generally we are returning to a situation where all forms of sport, physical activity and events will be permitted in the coming weeks.

A lot of the restrictions are changing from law, where you could previously have been fined for breaching the rules, into a more advice and guidance-based position where governments are recommending people behave in a certain way.

In the table below, we have set out how this guidance could be applied in Taekwondo club and Taekwondo event settings in England, should coaches, venues or event hosts choose to continue applying some Covid security measures.

However, we must stress, these are for individual clubs, venues and event hosts to decide whether to implement.





Hi Everyone,

As you may have seen from the news on 9th July, things are beginning to change in terms of the UK governments Covid-19 lockdown response, with a gradual reopening of sport & leisure facilities and the possibility that clubs can return to some form of limited indoor training in England from the 25th July.

British Taekwondo has been monitoring the situation closely, working alongside Sport England and other sporting governing bodies to develop guidelines, helpful tips and practical tools for clubs to use, that can help in this phased return process.

Based on the latest information we have received from the UK government, we are today publishing our  Return to Training Guidance for British Taekwondo Clubs.

(We will publish further guidance for clubs in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in the coming days, highlighting where differences in social distancing rules apply).


All leisure facilities and community venues that provide space for sport, along with physical activity clubs and groups like Taekwondo clubs, are having to adapt the way they operate to ensure that government rules to combat the transmission of the Covid-19 virus are adhered to.

This is not a choice, with any business or community club wishing to open its doors to members of the public (in our case – members, families and supporters) obliged to put in place a set of Covid-19 secure control measures before they can open.

This includes:

  • Conducting a Covid-19 Activity Risk Assessment on your club activity.

(This is in addition to your normal club risk assessment that you should still have).

  • Getting a copy of your venues’ own Risk Assessment and Covid-19 Plan, and from that fully understanding the changes to the way the venue is operating under social distancing and hygiene rules.

(If you have classes in different venues – you need to do this for each venue).

Note: If you are also a venue owner or tenant – you are legally responsible to conduct the venue risk assessment and Covid-19 plan too!

  • Write your clubs Covid-19 Implementation plan.

Using the findings within the venues Covid-19 plan and your own club Activity Risk Assessment – write the clubs Covid-19 implementation plan. This is designed to give you the detailed list of things your club must do before you can open, (“the control measures”), and a method to tell your members about everything that you are doing to adhere to the government rules. That way, everyone is informed, and knows what to expect before they come to your sessions.

  • Send everyone connected to your club a copy of your implementation plan before they come to the sessions.

(Basically anyone from members, parents, spectators or supporters who is coming to your venue must be informed in advance of the changes to the way the venue is operating and the ways a club is operating, to protect against transmission of the virus).


Within the guidance you will find step by step advice to help club leaders through this process.

You will also find helpful templates for the Activity Risk Assessment and Implementation Plan.

To help get you started, we have populated both documents with the common risks and best practise control measures clubs should put in place.

However, this is only a start. As every venue and club operation is a little different – the club must consider and add any further risks and control measures on both documents, that are unique to the club or way of doing things, that might not already be covered in the templates.

British Taekwondo have also produced a number of downloadable posters for clubs to print and use in A4 and A3 sizes. Clubs should use these social distancing reminders within the training hall (to supplement the signage that the venue should have in place where needed).

We appreciate that the social distancing measures still in place make it difficult to do many of the things we take for granted in a Taekwondo session, and we have to find innovative ways to do things whilst always keeping the safety of our participants at the front of our minds.

All the guidance is based around the latest government advice and social distancing models for people undertaking physical exercise.

There are a few things that we currently cannot do at all, such as contact training or sparring of any kind unless it’s within the same household. (and safe to do so from an age / size / ability perspective too).

But please note – if the government rules change, we will adapt our guidance accordingly and publish immediately.

Likewise, if lock-down rules change, clubs should also review and update the risk assessment and issue a new implementation plan, to ensure ongoing compliance.



To download the Return to Training guidance for British Taekwondo Clubs – click here

To download the Covid-19 Activity Risk Assessment template – click here

To download the Covid-19 Club Implementation Plan template – click here


To download the A4 size poster (Follow Public Health Guidelines) – click here

To download the A4 size poster (No contact unless same household) – click here

To download the A4 size poster (Stay 2 metres apart) – click here

To download the A4 size poster (Summary multi-infographic) – click here


To download the A3 size poster (Follow Public Health Guidelines) – click here

To download the A3 size poster (No contact unless same household) – click here

To download the A3 size poster (Stay 2 metres apart) – click here

To download the A3 size poster (Summary multi-infographic) – click here


To help clubs further, we will be hosting a number of webinars to assist coaches and clubs in understanding the current government guidance, and will run through the risk assessments and implementation plans. We will also try to answer as many questions as possible during these webinar sessions.

The first webinar will be held on Wednesday 15th July, 4:00pm – 5:30pm, and will be open to all British Taekwondo Coaches who have ACTIVE British Taekwondo Membership.

We will post more information regarding the first webinar on our website over the coming days.

This process is only the start, as national governance ease restrictions step by step. Please keep checking our website for regular updates as we will be updating this guidance as government rules change.