As pandemic restrictions ease across the Home Nations, we want to give our members, clubs and event hosts as much information and guidance as possible.

Whilst this is a little complicated by the fact that each Home Nation is moving at a slightly different pace in terms of relaxation of rules, generally we are returning to a situation where all forms of sport, physical activity and events will be permitted in the coming weeks.

A lot of the restrictions are changing from law, where you could previously have been fined for breaching the rules, into a more advice and guidance-based position where governments are recommending people behave in a certain way.

In the table below, we have set out how this guidance could be applied in Taekwondo club and Taekwondo event settings in England, should coaches, venues or event hosts choose to continue applying some Covid security measures.

However, we must stress, these are for individual clubs, venues and event hosts to decide whether to implement.





Hi Everyone,

Things are now finally beginning to change in terms of the governments Covid-19 lockdown response, with a gradual reopening of sport & leisure facilities and the possibility that clubs can return to limited indoor training from the 25th July, if your venue is ready and planning to open on that date. (Please check!)

As mentioned over recent weeks, British Taekwondo has been monitoring the situation closely, working alongside Sport England and other sporting governing bodies to develop the guidelines, helpful tips and practical tools for clubs to use, that can help in this phased return process.

We had intended to publish these tonight, but the government announcement and guidance published this evening has not answered some fundamental questions around the required social distancing for class based sessions like Taekwondo.

Currently, our developed guidance is based around the principle of 2 metre social distancing at all times, and how to operate safely within that framework. We were expecting this to be confirmed or detailed alternatives announced.That has not happened.

As it stands, we just have a date of the 25th July to aim at until we clarify this small but critical point.

We will try to clarify with government and Sport England tomorrow exactly what the new announcement means in practise for our Taekwondo club family, and get this Return to Training guidance out to everyone in the coming hours and days.

We will publish this on the website and email a copy to all coaches.

In addition, we are aiming to host a webinar on the subject for all club coaches who can join us, where we will run through the guidance and answer as many questions as we can. This could happen as early as Sunday evening  Рbut we will confirm details once we get the guidance out in the first place.

There are a lot of frustrated people out there, from many many sports, all in the same boat as Taekwondo – all desperate to get back in the club but needing better clarity on the lock-down relaxation rules.

Keep checking the website and our social media channels for the latest.

Almost there!

Ian Leafe