Club Assistance Pack Update (Edition 8)

We are now publishing version 8 of our Covid-19 Club Assistance Pack which you can download below:


This is packed full of tips regarding potential support from government sources, how to operate outdoors and how to work effectively online. Its great to see so many clubs doing exactly that as the lock-down drags on.

Some of the main changes, since we published the previous edition, relate to the differences in lock-down rules between England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland – we have shown these below to make it a little easier to follow!

Keep safe, keep strong and do what you can!

Updates to the Club Assistance Pack:


In England up to 6 people from up to 6 different households are permitted to meet outdoors, provided every person from different households maintain a 2 metres distance. This meeting up can take place anywhere outdoors.

Please note: The 1 metre plus rule does not apply when 2 metres can be maintained, which it can when exercising outdoors. So, the 1 metre rule does not apply to coaching Taekwondo.

This will allow a Coach to take a session for up to 5 clients from 1 up to 5 different households, provided everyone from different households maintain a 2 metres distance. Coaches are permitted to meet with several clients in one day, provided everyone maintains the 2 metres distance and no one shares equipment.

Holding pads for clients or people from a different household is not permitted. As this would be near impossible to maintain a 2 metres distance. Under social distancing guidelines parents can take their children to a coaching or training session, as long as the gathering does not exceed 6 people.

From 15 June 2020, it is the law that you must wear a face covering when travelling in England on:

Bus, coach, train or tram & other vessels available on the Government website.

This is in England only!



In Northern Ireland up to 10 people from any number of households can meet anywhere outdoors, provided each person from a different household maintains a 2 metres distance.

This means a BT coach can have up to 9 people in an outdoor session, as the coach counts as one of the 10 people.

Face coverings are recommended in Northern Ireland, but are not mandatory. BT would recommend coaches wear a face covering when taking sessions outdoors.

This is in Northern Ireland only!