Are you ready to return to training?

Hi Everyone,

We hope you are all keeping well and staying safe!

As you will all be aware, things are finally beginning to change in terms of the governments Covid-19 lockdown response, with a gradual reopening of sport & leisure facilities and the return to limited indoor training from the 25th July (in England) if your club is ready and able to open on that date (Please check with your head coach!). Clubs in Northern Ireland were also able to reopen from Friday 17th July, provided their facility met all the safety requirements.

Times are still a little strange and uncertain, and therefore we are asking all members to support their clubs however they can, as unfortunately many clubs may struggle to survive this period of uncertainty. Hopefully your club (in England only) is able to reopen on the 25th July with limited indoor training. However if this is not the case, as you may live in Wales, Scotland or your club venue may not have the capacity to open at this time, we ask that you continue to support your club in whatever way you can.

We appreciate that all members and coaches are eager to get back to indoor training as quickly as possible. Whilst we will provide as much guidance and support as possible for this return, we must make it clear that all returning British Taekwondo members and coaches must have active British Taekwondo Membership (coaches must also have active Instructor Insurance and current Disclosure) in place for your insurance to be valid. We would like to make sure everybody has a safe return to indoor training and therefore, we kindly ask that over the next few days everybody checks with their coach, or on their Hub profile, so that you have everything in place by the 25th July, to ensure for a quick and compliant return to indoor training.

Please do not hesitate to contact Emily at or on the office number 0161 697 5330 (selecting option 1, Membership Services) if you need help with updating your membership.

Thank you for your help. We hope you all enjoy being able to return to your venues soon!

Below we have a special message from Bradly Sinden wishing you all the best with your return to training!

Stay safe and stay active!