Return To Training Update (29th June)

Hi Everyone,

We are getting lots of calls and emails from concerned clubs and coaches, all desperate to get back to some form of training.

This is particularly acute for the full-time gym owners and professional coaches who rely on Taekwondo for their financial livelihoods.

We understand, sympathise and are as frustrated as everyone else involved in community sport.

As everyone will have noticed, things are slowly beginning to change in terms of the governments Covid-19 lockdown response, with a gradual reopening of some businesses.

As we’ve mentioned, we were expecting venues used for community sport to be given the green light to open from the 4th July. But unexpectedly, the government decided not to announce this, and only eased rules for the hospitality industry. This has naturally left a lot of people extremely upset, when sport can play such a big part in the recovery as long as it’s done safely.

Its also frustrating when you see crowds of people on beaches and such like, without any regard for safety against this horrible virus.

The latest indications are that another announcement is imminent, with a further easing of lockdown rules and a potential reopening of physical activity clubs in mid-late July.

British Taekwondo is monitoring the situation closely, working alongside Sport England and other sporting governing bodies and will keep members up to date with the latest information.

In readiness to return, British Taekwondo have already developed the detailed guidelines, helpful tips and practical tools for clubs to use, that can help in a phased return process.

However, we cannot publish these until government confirm what the rules are around social distancing indoors in the sporting and fitness environment, as slight changes to the rules make a big difference to what venues and clubs can and cannot do, such as how many people are allowed in venues, hygiene and cleaning protocols etc.

We will publish this guidance though – as soon as the government confirms the reopening date and under what rules!

We anticipate that venues and clubs will get a couple of weeks-notice, between the announcement itself, and the date for reopening. Hopefully this will be enough time to get things ready.

Whilst its useful to start thinking about the changes a club might need to make, please don’t guess, and potentially spend time and money putting things in place that might not apply.

In the meantime, we thought it might be helpful for clubs to understand what type of guidance and tools we will be providing, so clubs know what to expect when the time comes.


Return to Training Guidance for British Taekwondo Clubs



All leisure facilities and community sport venues will have to adapt the way they operate to ensure that government rules to combat the transmission of the Covid-19 virus are adhered to.

This is not a choice and is a legal requirement.

If you are the owner of premises or a lease holding tenant – it is your responsibility to conduct a Covid-19 Risk Assessment in your facility and from this create a Covid-19 secure implementation plan that sets out the measures your business will take to protect all users of your facility.

This MUST consider and put in place the social distancing and hygiene mitigation measures mandated by the government for entrances, exits, crowd flows (to prevent any), toilets, shared changing spaces plus any other areas where people may congregate or share facilities that could transmit the virus.

This may involve the use of screens, signage, floor markings similar to what you see in shops now, and potentially the closure of some of your services if they cannot be adapted to make them Covid-19 secure.

Once you have done the above and you building is ready to open, you must share a copy of your plan with all potential users or hirers of your facility, so they can then inform their customers (members) about what is different from before Covid-19, what the venue has done to keep them safe and what the venue expects its users to do under the new safety regime.

As every venue is different, in scale and complexity and may have multiple users – British Taekwondo cannot provide a one size fits all template to help venue owners or tenants do this and it might be advisable to seek professional help from a qualified Health & Safety specialist to complete the necessary work.

If you are a premises owner (or tenant) who also conducts Taekwondo classes – then you also need to conduct an Activity Risk Assessment and put in place a Covid-19 secure implementation plan for your Activity (more on that in the following sections – which BT can help you with!)



Any club that intends to reopen to members of the public (in our case – members, families and supporters), must put in place a set of Covid-19 secure control measures before they can do so.

This includes:

  • Conducting a Covid-19 Activity Risk Assessment for you club.

(This is in addition to your normal club risk assessment that you should still have)

  • Getting a copy of the venues Risk Assessment and Covid-19 Plan and from that fully understanding the changes to the way the venue is operating under social distancing rules.

(If you have classes in different venues – you need to do this for each venue).

  • Write your clubs Covid-19 implementation plan.

Using the findings within the venues Covid-19 plan and the findings of your own club Activity Risk Assessment – write your clubs Covid-19 implementation plan. This is designed to give you the detailed list of things your club must do before you can open, (“the control measures”), and a method to tell your members about everything that you are doing to adhere to the government rules –  so that everyone is informed, and knows what to expect before they come to your sessions

  • Send everyone connected to your club a copy of your implementation plan before they come to the sessions.

(Basically anyone from members, parents, spectators or supporters who is coming to your venue must be informed in advance of the changes to the way the venue is operating and the ways a club is operating to protect against transmission of the virus)


Within the guidance we will issue, you will find step by step advice to help club leaders through this process.

British Taekwondo will provide clubs with a helpful template for the Activity Risk Assessment.

We have also pre-filled and populated this document with the most common Covid-19 risks and potential control measures that clubs should put in place.

Hopefully this is a good starting point.

We will also give you a template for the Activity Implementation Plan.

This will also be pre- filled with the most common control measures clubs need to put in place and is laid out in a helpful question and answer format that can be given to members once complete.

Again, the aim is to make the process and simple as possible for clubs, with a lot of the detailed work already done for you.

British Taekwondo have also produced a number of downloadable posters for clubs to print and use in A4 and A3 sizes. Clubs can use these social distancing reminders within the training hall (these should only supplement the signage that the venue should have in place though!).

We appreciate everyone wants to get cracking, and will release these guides and templates as soon as the government makes their announcement.

In the meantime, keep safe, keep strong and do what you can through online training or outdoors in small groups as per the lockdown rules in your Home Nation.