Return to Training Update (10th June)


As pandemic restrictions ease across the Home Nations, we want to give our members, clubs and event hosts as much information and guidance as possible.

Whilst this is a little complicated by the fact that each Home Nation is moving at a slightly different pace in terms of relaxation of rules, generally we are returning to a situation where all forms of sport, physical activity and events will be permitted in the coming weeks.

A lot of the restrictions are changing from law, where you could previously have been fined for breaching the rules, into a more advice and guidance-based position where governments are recommending people behave in a certain way.

In the table below, we have set out how this guidance could be applied in Taekwondo club and Taekwondo event settings in England, should coaches, venues or event hosts choose to continue applying some Covid security measures.

However, we must stress, these are for individual clubs, venues and event hosts to decide whether to implement.




Hi Everyone,

Government advice on the Coronavirus continues to change rapidly as lockdown restrictions ease step by step.

Grass root sport and social activities that predominantly take place indoors are still severely restricted, with only a few exceptions permitted for high performance operations. Even these have to conform to a stringent set of guidelines to combat the potential spread of the virus.

An announcement is expected very soon from government regarding the sporting, leisure & hospitality sectors, which will, hopefully, contain some opportunities to restart club activity.

British Taekwondo is working alongside other sports and with Sport England, to develop “return to training” guidance for our clubs, with a few tools to help you prepare your gyms and classes for the protection measures we expect government to announce.

Rules could relax from early July, but this could change as the response to the virus adapts daily.

When a government announcement is made, we will look to release our help guide as soon as possible after that. This will aim to guide you through the risk assessment and Covid-19 implementation plan steps you need to take as a gym premises owner and as a club welcoming members of the public to an activity.

In the meantime, please stick to the current government rules regarding social distancing, and if you are conducting some outdoor training in small groups – remember the rules about how many people from different households can meet at any one time.

And don’t forget that it is slightly complicated by the fact that rules are now different in England to what they are in Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland – we would ask coaches to check the Home Nation government & sporting websites such as Sport Scotland, Sport Wales & SportNI for clarification if you are not sure.

There is a glimmer of light appearing  at the end of this lockdown tunnel, so we would ask all clubs and coaches to continue to keep engaging with their members as best as you can, via online sessions and limited outdoor activity where permitted until things loosen up further and we can get back in the gym!

Ian Leafe

CEO British Taekwondo