Club Assistance Pack Update (Edition 7)

We are now publishing version 7 of our Covid-19 Club Assistance Pack which you can download below:


This is packed full of tips regarding potential support from government sources, how to operate outdoors and how to work effectively online. Its great to see so many clubs doing exactly that as the lock-down drags on.

Some of the main changes, since we published the previous edition, relate to the differences in lock-down rules between England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland – we have shown these below to make it a little easier to follow!

Keep safe, keep strong and do what you can!

Updates to the Club Assistance Pack:



In England up to 6 people from up to 6 different households are permitted to meet outdoors, provided every person from different households maintain a 2 metres distance. This meeting up can take place anywhere outdoors.

This will allow a Coach to take a session for up to 5 clients from 1 up to 5 different households, provided everyone from different households maintain a 2 metres distance.

From 15 June 2020, it is the law that you must wear a face covering when travelling in England on a:

Bus, coach, train or tram & other vessels available on the Government website.

This is in England only!



The Scottish Government lockdown rules allow up to 8 people from up to two different households to meet outside, provided each household keeps 2 metres apart and don’t have to travel more than 5 miles to meet. A coach can travel more than 5 miles to take a paid session, but clients cannot travel more than 5 miles to take part in a session.

The Coaching Guidelines now allow for a Coach to take up to 7 clients, provided the clients are all from only 2 different households. The Coach counts as 1 of the 8 permitted people in the group. Everyone from different households must maintain a 2 metres distance at all times.

People in Scotland must also wear a face covering on public transport and in enclosed public spaces.

This is in Scotland only!


People who are shielding in Scotland

From Thursday 18th June, the Scottish Government relaxed their rules around people who are shielding to the following:

People who are shielding are now allowed outside for exercise and can meet with people from 1 other household, provided they all keep 2 metres apart and there is no more than 8 people in the group from no more than 2 households (this includes meeting others who are also shielding). The meeting with another household must take place outdoors only. They are not allowed to enter each other’s houses, even to use the toilet.

It is also recommended people who are shielding only go out at times when there’s not a lot of other people about.

A further update will be issued on 31st July when the shielding phase is due to end.

The Scottish Government strongly recommends that no one (not just those who are shielding) meets with more than two different households in any one day.

This is in Scotland only!



In Northern Ireland up to 10 people from up to 2 households can meet anywhere outdoors, provided each person from a different household maintains a 2 metres distance.

This means a BT coach can have up to 9 people in an outdoor session, provided they are all from the same household, as the coach counts as one person from one of the two households.

Face coverings are recommended in Northern Ireland, but are not mandatory. BT would recommend coaches wear a face covering when taking sessions outdoors.

This is in Northern Ireland only!



The Welsh Government has also relaxed their lockdown rules to allow for any number of people from only 2 households to meet up outdoors, provided each household keeps 2 metres apart and don’t have to travel more than 5 miles to meet.

This means that a Coach can take any number clients, provided they are all from the same household. As the Coach counts as a person from 1 of the 2 permitted households.

The Welsh Government is following WHO advice and recommends people in Wales wear three-layer face coverings in situations where physical distancing is not possible. The most obvious example is public transport where more than 15% capacity is likely to mean that physical distancing is not possible.

This is in Wales only!



  • Different households must stay 2 metres apart at all times (this includes the Coach)
  • No sharing of equipment between different households (this also includes the Coach)
  • This is for outdoors only and does not permit people from different households meeting or coaching indoors
  • Coach’s must conduct a full risk assessment of the space they are using outdoors to ensure it is fit for purpose, and has no trip or fall hazards for all participants



Please note: These measures are from the latest information available on Wednesday 24th June and are subject to changes as and when announced by each home-nation Government.






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