Taekwondo on the curriculum at Ladybarn Primary School

As soon as Ian achieved his 4th dan with Kukkiwon, he knew exactly what he wanted to do with it.

Ian Caldwell is a registered British Taekwondo Coach, who is also the Head Teacher at the Ladybarn Primary School in Withington, Manchester. Ian had already planned to introduce a pilot programme of Taekwondo into the Ladybarn curriculum and had this accepted by the School Trustees. So, by achieving his 4th dan, he was now able to grade his own students, which meant he could start his own Ladybarn School Taekwondo Club.

The Ladybarn School Taekwondo Club is only available to Ladybarn students and started in November 2019. The students are all in the same class and progress through their Taekwondo grades and journey together. As Taekwondo is now part of their school curriculum, the students also have to study Taekwondo in class as well as practice it in sessions. The children are learning about the origins and growth of Taekwondo, the Korea’s, the Korean language and last but not least, the Tenets of Taekwondo.

Since November 2019, and before the current COVID-19 crises, the children had already achieved their first grading (white belt-yellow tag) and were about to grade for their second grading (yellow belt). As a reward for their efforts and to teach them more about the sport side of Taekwondo (Kyorugi), British Taekwondo teamed up with GB Taekwondo to arrange a visit to the National Taekwondo Centre in Manchester. The visit to the National Taekwondo Centre took place on the 10th of March 2020, where the children were treated to watching some of the world’s best Taekwondo athletes training and sparring, before watching an educational video and holding a Q&A with some top GB athletes.

It was an excellent day for all involved. Ladybarn Head Teacher and BT Coach Ian Caldwell stated “huge thanks for the visit on Tuesday. It was brilliant”.

Ian is doing a fantastic job and is looking to grow his Ladybarn Taekwondo Club to include more classes when the schools are back.

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