Return to Club Training (AMENDED)

Hi Everyone,

As many of you will have noticed, some sports facilities and training activities have started to return in some form, as central government relaxes the Coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

We have also noticed a lot more enquiries coming through from concerned coaches and club leaders, all desperate to get back to delivering Taekwondo classes.

Some for very understandable financial reasons as livelihoods rely on it, and a large group of us that are just itching to get back in the club to do some training!

The government advice is still very clear, in that indoor sport and physical activity is not currently permitted apart from a few exceptions where stringent operating rules have been put in place.

Some outdoor sport, that is by nature an individual activity that can be practised with low risk, has been permitted to start up on a limited basis. Sports such as golf, fishing and tennis are returning, but even they have strict policies on social distancing to follow to limit risk of spreading the virus.

A very small number of indoor elite and high-performance level sports will also be allowed to return to play very soon. However, these must adhere to a very stringent set of measures involving testing, locked-down facilities, travel restrictions and dozens of operating policies to create a secure environment for athletes and staff.

These levels of restriction and health protocols are logistically difficult for sessions involving the public and would be prohibitively expensive to implement in the club setting.

This means that all public gyms and places where group activity takes place, must remain closed for the time being, until government rules relax further.

The one very small exception to this is if you are a personal trainer/coach. You can now work with clients outdoors, providing you are alone and only meeting with 1 person from outside of your household, outdoors, and you are staying a minimum of 2 metres apart.

You can meet with different clients in a single day as long as it is only via one-to-one sessions and you are maintaining social distancing.

You should also enforce strong hygiene measures. This might be cleaning any equipment rigorously in line with wider guidance on hygiene, for example by using antibacterial spray and washing hands thoroughly before and after use.

British Taekwondo is liaising with Sport England and other indoor sport NGB’s about a phased return to play and will publish guidance on best practise in the coming weeks, when it is appropriate to do so following government guidance.

In the meantime, we would ask all clubs and coaches to continue to engage with their members as best as you can, via online sessions and content.

Keep safe, keep strong and keep exercising where possible.

Ian Leafe

CEO British Taekwondo