Performance Department Volunteer Roles Announced

As a further step forward in the restructuring of British Taekwondo, we are pleased to announce the release of the leadership roles in both our combat Sport and Poomsae volunteer Departments.

This follows the earlier release of the leadership roles in our referee departments a few weeks prior.

These exciting opportunities offer enthusiastic, qualified and passionate volunteers the chance to contribute to the future direction and growth of Taekwondo in the UK, with a number of different leadership and operational roles available.

We welcome applications and invite everyone to take a look at the roles available here and in the vacancies section of the British Taekwondo website.



Poomsae Performance Department – Chair Role Description final

Poomsae Performance Department – Operations manager Role Description final

Poomsae Performance Department – Head Coach Role Description final

Poomsae Performance Department – Squad logistics manager Role Description final

Poomsae Performance Department – Team logistics manager Role Description final



Sport Performance Department – Chair Role Description final

Sport Performance Department – Operations manager Role Description final

Sport Performance Department – Head Coach Role Description final

Sport Performance Department – Squad logistics manager Role Description final

Sport Performance Department – Team logistics manager role Description final

As a recap and overview of BT’s strategic direction, we follow with the overview and explanations previously posted.


British Taekwondo has been undertaking a thorough governance review, looking at how we can best represent and serve our clubs and membership, as we build a longer-term strategic plan for our National Governing Body.

Some of the findings and recommendations from this review, relating to board and departmental structure were presented and unanimously approved by the members attending the AGM in December. This document sets out some of the main changes to the way in which the British Taekwondo expert volunteer led departments will function going forwards. These structures will recruit and develop department by department throughout 2020 as we build for the future – together.

Our expert volunteer workforce is the lifeblood of our organisation, having the technical knowledge and experience in the various disciplines, and the willingness to share this passion for the Martial Art and Sport to help us create and shape the programs, participation, learning and advancement opportunities for our members both nationally & internationally.



From the research, review and consultation we have done, in its simplest form, British Taekwondo’s membership activity can be broken down into the three core areas of Martial Art, Poomsae and Olympic Sport.

With each of these disciplines sub-divided further into three areas of performance, referees and events activity.

Across all of these areas over the years, there has been a lot of great work by dedicated volunteer committees, with some fantastic events and advancement opportunities taking place.

However, it was apparent from the review and consultation, that this activity was dropping off significantly, becoming more disjointed and ad hoc in nature, mainly due to a lack of structural support from British Taekwondo centrally. This will change.

Having met and consulted with representative groups and technical leads in each of the disciplines, British Taekwondo is now ready to launch and roll out our new volunteer led departmental structure. This will have clear objectives for each department, with defined roles and responsibilities to grow opportunity for our membership across all disciplines.

This structure will be democratic and accountable.

It will be supported by the BT executive and back office, and together will create and deliver long term strategic and operational plans for our organisation in the years to come, with the ambition to make us one of the most proactive and world leading Taekwondo member national associations.

Strategy & Oversight Committees

In addition to the specific departmental roles and responsibilities, a strategy & oversight committee structure is necessary to co-ordinate strategy and review progress within each department. This group will be chaired by the BT CEO or board member, and will bring together department leads two to three times per year. (During the early phases of initial strategy development this may increase slightly as required).

Structure Overview

BT volunteer department structure


Volunteer Roles

British Taekwondo members have a wealth of Taekwondo specific knowledge and experience. In addition, most practitioners, family members and wider supporters have other jobs outside Taekwondo, with a huge range of skills and experience in many areas of business such as strategic leadership, project management, administration, IT and logistics as examples.

British Taekwondo would like to work alongside a mix of talented and experienced individuals with a passion to shape the future direction of Taekwondo development in the United Kingdom.

Role descriptions on offer and person specifications will be released on a phased basis during 2020 as we embark on a sustained recruitment drive to get our volunteer workforce enthused and moving forward with a fair and transparent structure together!