How are you supporting your members?

We hope you are all well and keeping safe as the lockdown grinds on!

We appreciate there are a lot of uncertainties at the moment as to when clubs will be able to reopen, this could still be a way off – but we are monitoring daily what central governments says, and talking to Sport England and venues amongst others to find out the latest guidance.

As you may have noticed! – we have been sending out a lot of help and advice on our website, social media platforms and emails over recent weeks, and are aware that there has been a lot of information to process.

With that in mind – we wanted to summarise and remind everyone of the options and opportunities out there!

We have seen lots of clubs doing things to support their members – have you considered any of these?

  1. Run online sessions to closed groups of members –  see our ‘Coronavirus Assistance Pack’ for information on how to set these up and the steps you will need to follow.
  2. Provide videos / work sheets for your members in order to keep them active and practice their techniques during this time
  3. Provide new types of online classes, (for example: general fitness), in addition to Taekwondo sessions and allow family & friends members to stay fit during this time while they do not have access to alternative sports or the gym.  – see BT’s Friends & Family membership offer on the hub!
  4. Even though some clubs are currently shut down completely (and we would urge you to do something to keep your members engaged so you have a club to go back to!!) , some are still asking members, where possible, to pay their training and membership fees –  to help their clubs survive and keep their British Taekwondo membership and insurances valid. We appreciate this is not possible for some members, however if members do want to renew, could we ask coaches to help them do this through the hub.

If you need any assistance or advice with any of the above, please let us know, we would love to hear from you.
We might be able to point you in the direction of other coaches who can show you what they have done and give you tips on what has / hasn’t worked for them.
Anything to keep clubs going is a good thing so we all get through this together.

Please try your best to support your club members and promote physical activity where you can.

Stay safe,
British Taekwondo