Club Help Pack Update (Edition 5)

We are now publishing version 5 of our Club Assistance Pack which you can download below:

v5 Coronavirus assistance pack for clubs 21st May 2020

This is packed full of tips to help clubs get set up online and the latest information regarding potential support from government sources.

Updates to the Club Assistance Pack:

England Support Tables

  • Update to the status of the Sport England Community Emergency Fund

Scotland Support Tables

  • Replaced ‘Local Authorities – Coronavirus Grants’ with: ‘Funding sources to support businesses in Scotland facing Coronavirus’
  • Deleted ‘Scottish Government Support’
  • Replaced ‘Cash Grant for Retail, Hospitality and Leisure’ with: ‘Help for non-domestic rate payers in Scotland during Coronavirus (COVID-19)’
  • Removed ‘Business Rates Holiday for Retail, Hospitality and Leisure’

Wales Support Tables

  • Changed ‘Local Business Wales Coronavirus Advice’ to: ‘Local Business Wales Coronavirus Advice, including Financial Support and Grants’
  • Deleted ‘Business Wales Financial Support and Grants’ and ‘Business Rates Relief’