British Taekwondo’s Fourth Online Video Conference

Hi Everyone,

We hope you’re all well and staying safe!

We are pleased to announce that we will be running our fourth Online Video Conference on Tuesday 19th May 2020, 3:00pm – 4:15pm, which will be open to British Taekwondo Instructors to attend.

Whether you have been running online sessions for a while, only recently started, or still just considering the idea, please join us in the conference! The aim of our Video Conferences are to share ideas, so that we can all work together to provide practical, fun and beneficial online content to British Taekwondo members during this lockdown period.

We hope that instructors will come away from this conference with more knowledge and ideas for their online training sessions and member engagement.


This British Taekwondo Video Conference will run as follows:

Welcomeby Ian Leafe, British Taekwondo CEO – approx. 5 minutes

Topic 1 – Facebook Marketing Crash-Course – approx. 15 minutes

By Phill Payne, Warrior Factory

Topic 2 – Designing & Delivering Classes to Children – approx. 15 minutes

By Phill Payne, Warrior Factory

Topic 3 – Training Athletes in Lockdown – approx. 20 minutes

By Steve Jennings, GB Taekwondo

Summary by Ian Leafe, British Taekwondo CEO – approx. 10 minutes


We will be opening our Conference for up to 90 British Taekwondo Instructors, on a first come first serve basis.

If you are interested in attending British Taekwondo’s free Online Video Conference, please email Rhiannon at with the following:

“I would like to attend the British Taekwondo Video Conference. My name is…  my membership number is… (please provide your name how it is shown in The Hub)”.

Please Note: Before accepting, we will be checking that you are a registered British Taekwondo instructor, who has active Membership, Instructor Insurance and Disclosure.

Closing Date for applications: Sunday 17th May at 11:59pm.

Instructors will hear back from us on Monday 18th May, with confirmation and login details.

If you would be interested in speaking at our next conference please let us know by emailing us at

We have seen a lot of social media posts from club coaches and members sharing information about your online sessions, please keep sharing your stories and and make sure to tag us in your posts so that we can see what you are all up to! 

Please stay home, stay safe and stay active!

Thank you for your continued support.


PS. If you would like to view our previous conferences – the full videos and slides are available on our website under the ‘Events’ tab.