Advice on attracting new members

We all know this is an extremely difficult time for our clubs, and wanted to share some ideas on how to attract new members.

As part of our series of BT video coach conferences, Richard Allen and others have been talking about creative ways to connect with your community and here are a few top tips!

  • Re-assess your club’s aims and ambitions to reflect “the new normal” and the online world.
  • Look into running sessions on zoom or other online platforms.
  • Prepare home worksheets that can be sent to members.
  • Get parents involved with the online sessions – get them to help engage the children.
  • Communicate more with the parents and family of your members, maybe get them into Taekwondo!!….. through the Family and Friends membership option for general exercise training.
  • Check the Hub and contact your old students, tell them about your online delivery and ask them if they would be interested in re-joining. Richard mentioned that by speaking to roughly 10 old students per day, he found that approximately 2 each day were interested in taking up taekwondo again!
  • Market your service – don’t take Taekwondo for granted, understand how amazing it is and what it offers to people who take part, once you have written this down for your own benefit, you can use this to sell it to others – put out social media posts, drop flyers in the doorway of local homes. (remembering social distancing though!!).
  • Speak to local schools and ask if they would be interested in advertising your online classes to their pupils to keep the children engaged and active. (Richard arranged to run activities with a taekwondo twist for a local school he contacted).
  • Explain to the schools and the family members what BT is and what Taekwondo is, how they get involved and how their parents get involved – maybe see if they can add your details to their website, newsletters or just send out an email on your behalf.
  • Adapt your sessions – if you are bringing in Family & Friends members who have never taken part in taekwondo before you may need to change some of your sessions to suit them, or run an extra session for them, one that is more accessible to new members / parents / family members. Most importantly make sure you interact with these new members and make the session fun for them, so that they stay with you for as long as possible. Take a look at the Friends & Family membership rules on the BT website or contact membership services for more info.
  • Communicating with your community, contact your local MP or newspaper direct, and see if they can promote your sessions, with the focus on getting more people active while they are at home.
  • Have the children put their doboks on for the online sessions – this will make these sessions slightly more interesting and get them into the right frame of mind.
  • Share your experiences with other BT coaches, as we are all in this together! If you have a good idea, we encourage you to contact other coaches and share your thoughts – or send them in to us and we will share them for you.
  • Finally, if you have shut down you club during this time and unable to run sessions, why not contact other local clubs in your areas and see what they are doing?  Could your members who are eager to start taekwondo again join in with their online sessions? (You must check they are all insured though!).

Whatever you are doing during this lockdown, please contact us if you are struggling and we will help in any way we can.

We might be able to put you in touch with other coaches who are willing to assist you in setting up your zoom classes, or providing content suggestions.

Why not listen to our previous Online Video Conferences, where coaches are sharing their ideas and suggestions?
The full slides and video recording for these can be found on our website under the ‘Events’ tab.
The full videos can also be found on our YouTube channel.

We hope this helps!

Stay safe and keep active,
British Taekwondo