Family & Friends Membership

In these challenging times, British Taekwondo wants to encourage physical fitness and mental wellbeing for everyone, not just our existing members. This message is hugely endorsed by Sport England, other sporting agencies and our government.

There are many examples of online general fitness sessions and tips out there, and the feedback we are getting is that siblings, parents, friends and families of Taekwondo members are wanting to take part in the online sessions that clubs are hosting, for all the right reasons. Whilst its unsafe for inexperienced people to jump straight into online Taekwondo sessions and they should not do so, clubs do have an opportunity to serve this demand in some way.

British Taekwondo have therefore worked with insurers to create a “Family & Friends” membership type, specifically for this group who want to take part in some kind of online gentle exercise content.

Family & Friends Membership is £ 10 per person for 6 months cover (April/May 2020 – September/ October 2020) initially, and members can be signed up (or sign up themselves) through the Hub membership system as usual.

This provides:

  • Liability, Indemnity & Personal Accident insurance cover for Instructors conducting this type of general exercise training
  • Personal Accident insurance for participants at the same PA levels as full club members for the period of membership.

This membership type does not include any member liability insurance

The membership will cease automatically after 6 months and cannot be renewed*

(*Whilst this membership type is relevant to the ongoing Coronavirus crisis, BT is considering an extension of this membership tier to cover general fitness sessions in the class or online activity, in the longer term, should it prove popular and sustainable as part of our wider review into tiered membership.)

This is a great opportunity for instructors to create / conduct online Taekwondo themed general fitness sessions for everyone.

All insurers ask is that the following common-sense criteria is followed at all times to ensure we keep everyone safe, happy and healthy!!



British Taekwondo are delighted to announce that we have partnered with a new insurance broker.  Bluefin are a market leading insurance brand who work with some of the biggest sporting organisations in the world. A separate announcement will be made with full details in due course and new website pages listing all cover and benefits will be posted so everyone can see the cover and benefits of being a BT member.

They will provide enhanced cover across a number of areas compared to our previous policies, for our clubs, instructors, members and events during 2020.

Importantly – this now includes cover for online activity.

Insurance cover for instructors and Friends & Family members is valid for general fitness online activity only – if the following is applied:



  • The online sessions/ videos are provided via a closed group (a secure medium which requires the user to be invited to join and accepted, and maybe with some kind of login or password if required).
  • The sessions shouldn’t be open sessions available for anyone to join, and the content should only be made available to BT members registered within your club.
  • It should be a live broadcast of a live session or a broadcast of pre-recorded material.
  • The person delivering the ‘session’ or advice, must be appropriately qualified to do so. In other words, a registered BT instructor with valid membership, Disclosure clearance with BT and valid indemnity insurance. (i.e.: just as it would be in the physical club)
  • Instructors should retain a recording of all sessions for a period of up to thirty-six (36) months – this may assist in the event any claim is made.



The Instructor must provide guidance regarding safe instruction in a home or similar environment, and do this directly before the beginning of every online session.

Specifically: The instructor MUST mention / say at the start of all online sessions:

  • that by participating, members are doing so at their own risk
  • that the sessions are for British Taekwondo Family & Friends registered membership holders only from your club (Full members can join in too!)
  • a suitable, non-slip floor space is required measuring 3m x 3m that is not too hard should someone fall
  • all potential obstructions in the vicinity are removed before members participate (including protecting yourself against hard surface edges or fixed / loose obstacles that could cause harm should they be knocked or fallen against
  • no use of blades, weapons or sharp instruments of any description is permitted at any time.
  • Instructors should additionally mention that everyone should be aware of their ability and listen to their body to ensure practice is happening in a safe manner.

(Coaches should make it a point to address the safety element at each session for the new friends and family members as they haven’t experience a club environment)

  • to avoid physical contact with other participants
  • to avoid activities if they have, or suspect they may have any current health concerns, injuries, aches and pains
  • Instructors conducting these sessions must create and deliver general and light physical exercise training only to this membership group, with the following outline principles:


  • All exercises and training to be done individually
  • General, light warm-up exercises on the spot
  • Static stretching and limited dynamic stretching on the spot
  • Simple and fun generic exercise routines
  • Slow or simple hand movements (e.g.: blocking and striking movements)
  • Kicking exercises below hip level

        Don’t’ s

  • No contact activity between 2 or more people whatsoever
  • No kicking exercises over hip level
  • No more than 2 combinations of technique (think about the space available)
  • Spinning movements
  • Heavy or endurance exercises
  • Anything with weight equipment
  • Resistance training


Content creators should always consider the widest range of age and physical condition / ability of the participants when devising sessions and online content and avoid extremes


This is a great opportunity for clubs to engage with their members, families and friends during this difficult time and gives instructors the chance to play their part in keeping the country physically and mentally fit during the lockdown period. Its also an opportunity to reach new audiences and potential club members who may want to transition to full membership and a life in Taekwondo once this is all over.

If clubs think they have people interested in this – then sign them up on the hub in the usual way.

Any questions, please contact our membership services department on