BT Instructor Online Development Opportunities (Edition 5)

Dear BT Instructors,

Here is the next available online training opportunity from BT that has kindly been made available by UK coaching.

Talking Talent: Developing Mental Toughness (Part 1 – Full Version)

 To access this course and others that BT will be communicating throughout the next five weeks, you will first have to sign up to UK Coaching (free of charge), using your name, email address and a password of your choice via the following link;

Once you have created your account and/or logged in if already a member, you can access the free online coaching resource ‘Talking Talent: Developing Mental Toughness (Part 1 – Full Version)’ via the following link;

Please note: If these particular subjects interest you and/or you find them beneficial, please go online once you’ve completed the course and research each subject further to continue expanding your knowledge in that particular area.

We hope you enjoy this development opportunity and look forward to providing more in the weeks ahead.

James Docherty