Update for British Taekwondo Clubs and Instructors

Dear British Taekwondo Instructors,

During these unprecedented times, British Taekwondo aims to provide appropriate support where we can, for you to continue running your club, adapt to the new environment and help you offer the best possible service to your members. To get through this, you must communicate regularly with your loyal members, possibly by providing online services and training resources that engage people and stress to them the vital importance of continuing to pay their training subscriptions and membership fees so that the club is still there when life returns to normal and physical classes resume.

The Government is expected to announce financial support measures today for those that are self-employed, which you should definitely keep an eye out for. BT will do our best to collate, dissect and share this information as soon as it is available.


Financial planning

There’s a lot of information currently circulating in relation to funding and financial support for businesses. For those of you that run gym premises or Taekwondo related businesses, we have collated some relevant information we hope you will find useful from the UK Government website.

Here are the main areas of support that could apply to British Taekwondo clubs/businesses. As all home countries (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) are implementing these support measures slightly differently.



Please click to view the specific funding stream/business support information for England;

  1. Business Rates Holiday for Businesses 
  2. Cash Grants for Leisure Businesses
  3. Small Business Grant Scheme
  4. Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme
  5. Government website



Please click to view the specific funding stream/business support information;

  1. The £1bn Business Support Fund
  2. Help with non-domestic rates in Scotland
  3. Funding support to help businesses in Scotland facing Coronavirus
  4. Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme 
  5. Get free support and advice from Business Gateway
  6. Government website



Please click the link below to view the specific funding stream/business support information for businesses in Wales;

  1. Government website


Northern Ireland

Please click the link below to view the specific funding stream/business support information for businesses in Northern Ireland;

  1. Government Website
  2. NI Business Support Grant Scheme 

Business support helplines

HMRC has set up a helpline for businesses and self-employed people who are concerned about paying their tax due to COVID-19.

Call 0800 0159 559 for help and advice.

You can also access these and other business support pages on the Government website by clicking HERE.


Here are some additional basic tips to help;

  1. Asses and understand your financial position – do an income versus expenditure log (click here to download a template spreadsheet, kindly provided by one our clubs)
  2. List which bills and payments can be either cancelled, reduced or delayed (in agreement with your lender/service provider), and act now!
  3. Speak to your Landlord to request a rent holiday. Even if this is refused, government advice is that you will not be evicted if you cannot pay the rent up to 30thJune, as per the pending Government legislation ‘Protection from eviction for commercial tenants’. Click HERE to view this document.
  4. Contact all your members, explain the situation and ask for their support with renewing their memberships going forward. If they cannot afford full membership, ask what they can afford and see if you can offer them any type of discount to keep them on board. Recruiting new members from scratch will be difficult in the current climate so a strong focus should be placed on retaining your current members, possibly at reduced training rates.


You will find other helpful tips on member retention, insurance and online session delivery on our website via the following link;

Insurance Online Teaching Update

For both business and personal financial information, the following site is also quite helpful in providing information and comparison details:

Money Saving Expert

We know that many of you are already extremely proactive in these areas, so if you locate any additional useful information that you think would be great to share with Taekwondo colleagues, we would be very grateful if you can share this with us and we can include in further updates for all clubs.

If you have anything, questions or require club assistance that we can provide, please contact james.docherty@britishtaekwondo.org