The Bailey’s Taekwondo Experience in South Asia

David and Angie Bailey, British Taekwondo instructors from Central Scotland, recently travelled to Nepal to deliver some taekwondo taster sessions for a charity called Kids in Kathmandu Nepal (KIKN). The charity does an amazing job supporting children in one of the world’s poorest countries. Nepal was hit by devastating earthquakes in 2015 and thousands of people were left homeless. KIKN sponsor a number of children who would otherwise not receive any education. They also run breakfast clubs in seven schools around the city. These provide children with a healthy start to the day and enhance their ability to learn.

David and Angie ran two sessions at Neel Bahari School in Kathmandu and introduced taekwondo to 50 children. David said “they had never experienced taekwondo before, so this was a new and exciting opportunity for them. The kids absolutely loved it! They were also thrilled to receive gifts from British Taekwondo. It was great to see so many smiling faces, it was a very rewarding experience”.

Below is a copy of a letter of appreciation that David and Angie received from Lai See, the Founder of Kids In Kathmandu.


If you would like to know more about what KIKN check out their website

Whilst in Kathmandu, David and Angie volunteered their time to take seminars for a local group of clubs. One session consisted of 50 black belts of all ages. David said “the students were very enthusiastic and very keen to learn. The conditions they train in are very basic to say the least. They cannot afford to travel to seminars or bring instructors in from abroad, so they are a bit behind with the latest techniques. They were extremely grateful for the bit of experience we were able to pass on”. Angie added “the respect and hospitality we received was very humbling. We were showered with ceremonial scarves, commemorative framed certificates and trophies”.

Before returning to the UK David and Angie also visited New Delhi in India. Though much more modern and developed than Kathmandu, there were still areas of extreme poverty.

They did some sessions for the All India Taekwondo Dojang. David said “like Nepal, the training venues were very basic and lacked equipment or basic facilities but the hospitality was fantastic. The students showed great potential and were very focused and dedicated. It would be great to work with them on a regular basis but it just isn’t possible. We hope we were able to give them a few ideas and techniques to take away and help with their taekwondo development”.

Angie said “we had a great time on this trip; it was a fantastic experience that we will never forget. We hope we were able to inspire the school children and taekwondo students that we met, they have certainly left a lasting impression on us”.