Insurance & Online Teaching Update (Edition 5)

Hi everyone,

After another unprecedented day of official government announcements, they have now asked that all gyms close, alongside other sport, leisure and recreational locations.

With this in mind, all of us are looking at creative ways to help clubs and instructors keep communicating and providing a service to members through this difficult time where normal life is so disrupted.

I hope the following updates and suggestions are helpful.


It’s great to see many of our clubs being proactive and looking at different solutions to engage with members outside the club environment. This has naturally thrown up a few questions, some of the most common are around insurance. We’d like to answer them here with guidance we have received from insurers.

Online Taekwondo Sessions

Insurers have advised that Instructors indemnity insurance and members personal injury insurance are valid when participating in an online session, outside the normal face to face environment.

There are a number of conditions and responsibilities placed on this validity and any instructor delivering this kind of content should ensure the following:

  • The online sessions/ videos should be provided via a secure medium which requires a user (member) to login with a access number or password of some kind.          (i.e: They cannot be open sessions, accessible to anyone – only members)


  • The sessions should be live – as they would be in a club environment for insurances to be valid                           (i.e. no pre-recorded material or YouTube videos, etc is covered under the policy)


We understand that some coaches are already creating recorded tutorials, materials and online resources for their members.

Coaches should inform their members accessing these supplementary resources that liability and responsibility for injury remains with them at this time as insurers have informed us that this is not currently covered. We are working with insurers to improve cover in several areas as the Coronavirus throws up many new challenges for the insurance industry. We will update everyone as soon as we can on these developments.


  • The person delivering the ‘session’ or advice, is appropriately qualified to do so, with a BT instructor membership status, DBS and valid indemnity insurance (as it would be in the physical club)


  • All members participating in your online virtual training will need to have a valid licence and insurance with BT.


  • The Instructor must provide guidance, regarding safe instruction in a home or similar environment, directly before the beginning of every online session.

This must include communication that members should use a location which has /is:

–  fit for purpose

– 2m x 2m in size minimum

–  no obvious hazards, edges or obstacles that could cause harm     should they be knocked or fallen against

– a flat non-slip floor that is safe to exercise on (eg: not a hard-      surfaced floor such as concrete that could cause significant injury  should someone fall)

Outdoor Sessions

We have had a couple of questions around physical sessions taking place outdoors.

Government advice is to avoid unnecessary contact whenever possible, so it is important for coaches and members to fully understand the risks, should they decide to take part in this kind of activity.

Any instructors who do hold such sessions should first and foremost adhere to government directives around social distancing and ensure all participants remain more than 2 metres apart at all times and do not touch /share any equipment.


As with online sessions, insurances are valid for Taekwondo related activity only.

Instructors must ensure the location is fit for purpose as mentioned above.

Insurers are trying to assist policy holders through this challenging period, ensuring continuity of cover and service where possible.
Saying that, insurance provided with a BT membership does not, and has obviously never included any kind of cover or loss of earnings as a result of contracting Coronavirus (or any other virus, disease or illness for that matter).



How to get set up online?
For those of you that want to engage and keep communicating with your members online, but are not “Tech Savy”………we follow with a few hopefully simple ideas to get you started.

A great video platform called Zoom is possibly one of the easiest ways to bring you and your members together.

Zoom Basic – Is a free video meeting portal App, which allows up to 100 participants at a time to log on and take part in a webinar style meeting for up to 40 minutes.

Whilst have some limitations (such as the 40-minute rule where it logs everyone out)…. it is a simple cost-free way of reaching your members and controlling your session content.

If you want more versatility, then you can upgrade to Zoom Pro This costs £ 11.99 a month, but has a lot more features and a 24 hour session limit (ie: no time limit)

To sign up for Zoom – simply follow this link:

Here are some very simple You Tube video links on how to setup and schedule your training sessions.

Zoom also has a great resource link on the top right-hand corner of their website which really covers everything that you need to know. It’s simple and easy to understand with clear screenshots.

And to help you get started, understand what is possible and upgrade if you want – the following are helpful support pages within Zoom.

Getting Started:
Meeting and Webinars:
Zoom Phone:
Audio, Video and Sharing:

Hopefully these links are what you need to view to get started. Obviously you will need to play around with it and learn the features via the video tutorials.

Alternatively, for those of you with existing Microsoft accounts – you may already have TEAMS, which is a similar online working tool that you can use in much the same way to hold groups meetings / sessions.

Or, for those of you who are more technically experienced, there are other platforms like closed You Tube and Facebook channels that can help you bring your members together.

Whatever you choose to do, please remember that the platform will be need to be a private members only group for your BT membership insurance cover to be valid.


Whatever you decide to do, it’s essential that you give your members the best experience through virtual learning and ensure you follow the insurance rules:

  • Give clear login instructions to all your members through a private communication
  • Provide your members with clear information on how you will use this medium
  • Provide some ground rules to your members whilst using any of the video conference applications (Similar to how you would expect your members to behave and operate at the club, i.e. arrive on time, behaviour, drink breaks, question times etc)
  • Provide the safety instructions to you members to avoid accidents and injuries
  • Test all the systems, ensure they are working correctly and carryout a test run with a group of people before going live
  • Record any injuries or incidents as they happen (as you would do in the club) and report them to BT (Note: Claims would not be valid if the H&S operating criteria set out is not followed)



You can be as simple or as sophisticated as you want. Please note that a good quality camera on the device you are using would greatly help with the online learning experience.



Finally, BT would love to hear from instructors and members about some of the creative ways you are all keeping active during this lockdown period.
And keen to share best practise and ideas that everyone can adopt to bring everyone together more.

Please drop us a line at with anything you think others would like to hear about or might find helpful.

Together, we will get through this and be stronger!

More advice, information sharing and examples of great things people are doing to stay active to follow.