Message from the BT Board


We, the British Taekwondo (BT) board, take Safeguarding extremely seriously. We have clear processes and procedures in place to deal with all types of complaints and safeguarding matters. This very important area of our business will be further enhanced in the New Year with the appointment of a full time Safeguarding Compliance Officer and an Independent Non-Executive Director with extensive safeguarding knowledge and experience.

With that said, we remind all members and any related parties who have any safeguarding related concerns to contact BT with clear and credible evidence and we will investigate all matters following the correct process and procedure. We would also like to remind you that safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility and that everyone has a responsibility to ensure that any matters of concern are brought to the attention of BT to allow us to investigate and resolve matters in a professional and a legal manner. We would not expect any individual to take matters into their own hands since this could potentially have very serious implications to all parties involved.

We would like to remind everyone of the Tenets of Taekwondo and our roles and responsibilities as members, coaches and parents. It is extremely important to ensure that coaches and family members act as role models for the younger generation and our wider Taekwondo family especially when using social media. Coaches of BT have a clear Code of Conduct to adhere to. We will not tolerate anyone who fails to follow this Code of Conduct and, as a result, causes a safeguarding concern especially for our younger members and adults at risk. For your reference, the Coaches’ Code of Conduct can be found on the BT website under the download section (

We have not authorised any individuals or group of individuals to act as a regulatory body on our behalf. Any concerning matters should be brought to the attention of BT in order that we can deal with it in the correct manner.

Inappropriate use of social media (inaccurate info, hate speeches, sexual content, violence, harassment, degrading and bullying etc) will not be tolerated.  Appropriate actions will be taken and inappropriate behaviour may be reported to the police. We strongly urge the Taekwondo community to refrain from engaging in such activities on social media platforms. Social media can be a positive or a negative tool. Please think carefully before you post on social media.

We are here to serve and safeguard all of our members. We would appreciate your help and support in this mission.

The British Taekwondo Board