Domestic Events

Hi Everyone,

It’s now 10 weeks and counting since I started this role for British Taekwondo, and I’ve tried to prioritise a number of key things that have been causing issues for the Taekwondo community – as well as putting in place some significant structural changes – and dealing with plenty of historical challenges behind the scenes!

Domestic Events has been one of them.

Our board wanted the opportunity to look at the current process for sanctioning and insuring them, as there were real concern that some events were not as well ran as they could be.

We appreciate how hard people work to put these events on, and BT’s role should be to support hosts where we can, whilst ensuring events are safe and fun for our members to take part in.

This requires a structure, that allows BT to oversight and support domestic events at the appropriate level, and support the people on the ground that deliver services, as these people, alongside the host, take the organisational responsibility, liability and financial risks.

We have been looking hard at the current system and how we can get to a place in the future where there is a healthy market economy in domestic events and have been preparing documents, sharing with board, consulting and testing ideas and structures.

We are now publishing a basic policy document that sets out the process of how BT will sanction domestic events ran by clubs in 2020.

This covers competitions, Seminars, Festivals, Displays and Dan Gradings, so if you are planning to host something like this, please review the policy and fill out the Sanction & insurance Form!


The broad principles and context that underpin this process are:

  • To ensure that suitably qualified and experienced people are running events alongside hosts, and delivering a good service.
  • To create an accredited supplier and service provider network of people.
  • To eventually provide training opportunities and guidance to these service providers on minimum service standards and best practise
  • To manage a National diary of events so everyone out there can see “what’s on”
  • To provide opportunities – not barriers – for hosting and for members to be able to choose the best quality and most enjoyable events to go to!


To help everyone achieve this we are looking at:

  • Planning the British Kyorugi & Poomsae Championship dates and locations  4-5 years in advance so everyone knows the score.

We will be presenting this at the AGM workshop for discussion, (with the Kyorugi event for 2020 suggested as mid-November – to be held in the South of the UK. Then alternating between a northern and southern location each year.

  • With the same ambition for Poomsae Nationals.
  • Working with our colleagues in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to ensure BT supports the flagship National events much better.
  • Redesigning the website as a whole to make it more relevant and user friendly.
  • Redesigning and re-positioning the event calendar, getting as much on there as we can with links to event websites and event entry portals.
  • Creating a series of yearly courses that educate and accredit event service providers, such as Referee Managers (Chief Referees) and IT technicians for Kyorugi competitions for example.
  • Defining specific roles better for key people at events, regardless of size, who take “ownership” and responsibility for the safety and welfare of everyone attending.
  • For Kyorugi competition – taking a hard look at the costs of using the PSS systems held by BT.

(We have had a lot of feedback from people, around the original concept that was put forward and the different ways that hosts want to use this facility moving forwards. To that end – there is a new price menu coming out soon, for events in 2020)

  • New standard registration form for events, regardless of type, that streamlines the process.


In the first year (2020) we will accredit the existing group of Referee Managers, IT managers and Competition managers / companies……… maintain a standard and continuity.

We will continue to develop the set of responsibilities and more detailed guidelines for these groups in the coming months too, and ways to better monitor.

Those that deliver a great service, promoting safe best practise and who submit relevant reports correctly, will have free auto renewal for the following year. With new people and companies who wish to become service providers, or those that do not receive auto renewal – attending training & accreditation courses (first ones will be mid 2020).

The ambition is to have a vibrant and sustainable market of different and reliable service providers that potential hosts can go to help run events.

This in turn should improve all members experiences at BT sanctioned events.

It will take a little while to filter through but I’m confident we can get there.

In the first instance, it would be helpful to pull together a list of proposed event dates, event types and locations and we will start putting together a calendar to share so we can all see what’s going on and when.

So we ask all potential event hosts to review the policy document and then complete the registration forms and send them to

We have noticed very recently that a few event hosts have already jumped the gun and are advertising dates.

Whilst we appreciate people have to plan and book venues – all of these events are not currently sanctioned until the correct registration forms have been completed, submitted to BT and issued with confirmation – so we ask hosts to do this as a matter of urgency.

Our aim is to support event organisers to host enjoyable Taekwondo events and activity that are safe and well presented.

We ask for everyone’s support in this ambition.





Domestic Events Sanctioning Policy