An Update to our Membership

Hi Everyone,

Another update for you all after a very busy couple of weeks behind the scenes.

We had our first full board meeting last week under our “new management” structure and (whilst that sounds boring enough!)  this meant we could get a lot of historical things cleaned up and importantly, present a raft of new ideas and proposals to move forward with.

A lot of these things are work in progress and need a bit of time to do properly, and we want time to consult with our core customers – you, the club coaches and members before implementing things…..we thought it would be good to set out the range of things we have done / are doing at the moment.

Hopefully to get you all excited and on board as we aim to modernise British Taekwondo – for everyone’s benefit.

Here are a few things we are looking at right now:

  1. Kukkiwon certificate applications – We’ve taken a long hard look at this as its recognised, the service we have provided to customers in the past has not been good enough. So we have restructured the way we deal with applications and are now in a position to process and submit all Kukkiwon applications within 2 working days of receiving them from lead examiners. For this to work though – it also needs lead examiners to check that the applications they are submitting are 100% correct, are not time barred and have any supporting documents (like thesis as an example) because many of the issues we are getting stem from these kinds of things.
  2. Working Committees – We want to get these working properly again, so will be publishing some structure and governance proposals that help people do things well and democratically. There are so many great people out there doing great things for Taekwondo and our ambition is to get people collaborating and trusting each other more – that’s the only way we will all grow.
  3. Programmes, Teams and Structures – As part of the committee revamp, we will also be reviewing and updating other structures so that events, officials, squads and team selection structures are even more inclusive and open.
  4. Domestic Events – Our board have approved a framework for sanctioning domestic events – which I will share with existing hosts in the coming weeks so we have a fair and safe calendar of local events.
  5. PSS – We are re-evaluating the pricing and hire structure for the Daedo scoring equipment that BT holds, to encourage more use and a fairer way of doing things. We will consult with hosts over the next few weeks with an aim to have a new hire structure in place for 2020.
  6. Membership – Over the coming months (and again we want to do this properly) we are going to look at the entire membership structure. We want everyone to feel a part of, and value their membership of British Taekwondo, but to do that it has to be relevant, value for money and have a range of desirable benefits so that people want to join – not need to join! We will be tapping into expertise and learning from examples from other successful sports as we do this, to develop a range of services and products for our club partners and their members. A big task for sure but needs doing if we are to really grow successfully together.
  7. Coaching and Education – The good news is that there are a lot of people out there wanting to start a club and teach in school programs. Our board have already approved the development of an entry level coaching qualification, so watch this space for news on this development and consultation process. There will also be a focus on broadening out the more advanced coaching opportunities so we help coaches specialise and get access to best practise and latest trends – the aim: courses people will want to attend!
  8. AGM and workshop – This is confirmed for the 7th December and will be in Manchester. We are still to confirm the venue but the format for the day will be roughly an 11am start for a workshop lasting 2 hours where we want to present ideas and plans for the future and get instructors and coaches feedback. Then after some lunch we will have the AGM, finishing a 4pm. We really want to use the day to engage with members and hear from you so please come along.


Finally, we have the following big events coming up and we look forward to your support:

  • Our National Kyorugi Championships is back in Manchester on the 9th & 10th November. (Registration now up on MA-Regonline)
  • Our National Poomsae Championships is in Worcester this year on the 30th November & 1st December. (Registration now up on TPSS)
  • Our International Poomsae Championships is in London on the 25th & 26th January 2020 (Registration Opening Soon on TPSS)

All of these events are for you and members – so please support them as much as possible and celebrate our shared love of TKD.

For these events to be sustainable, we have to grow so please get your entries in!


Lots going on and lots of positive things to come – with your support and involvement.