A Warm Welcome Message From Our New CEO, Ian Leafe

Hi Everyone,

Having had my first few days as CEO of British Taekwondo, meeting the staff in the office and settling in, I wanted to thank everyone that has contacted me over the last few weeks offering support, saying hello and generally letting me know what’s on their mind!

The new board, myself and the staff in the office all want to focus on serving our customers, you  – the members, club coaches and officials who turn out every night and put the work in (including most weekends!!).

To that end, we are now working hard on a couple of priorities, like getting the information out for the Kyorugi and Poomsae National Championships in the next few weeks for a start.

And looking at the event hosting criteria for events in 2020 that groups want to run.

Everyone wants the same thing here, safe and well run events that athletes, coaches and officials enjoy going to and giving up weekends for.

I understand that there have been some instances where hosts are not giving the kind of service people expect and whilst I’m sure athletes and coaches will vote with their feet and only go to events that are of good quality and a fun day out……….we at BT still have to do all we can to get all event hosts to provide minimum standards of safety, especially to our younger athletes.

We appreciate though, that hosts want to get venues and suppliers booked, so this is a priority and we should have an interim policy and procedure in place by mid-September.

We ask for event hosts understanding for a little while on this important issue.

Looking further ahead, we want to start talking to coaches and members more about what products, training programs, training aids and club support tools we can create together to help clubs thrive.

And to start bringing people together more, by hosting inspirational events, seminars, training and learning opportunities across all Taekwondo disciplines.

We have some amazing and talented Master grades on the Martial Art side and world class sport Taekwondo coaches – all with ambition to raise the standard, grow the sport and Martial Art… so let’s see what success we can achieve by collaborating and getting everyone training, learning and competing together!

We are also busy behind the scenes already, getting our governance, finance and office operation into shape for the future so we can serve you better.

We aim to start doing a lot more regular updates on the website and social media about what we are doing and planning.

Plus, we want to consult with the membership a lot more, before introducing things – so we can iron out any issues before they arise.

I look forward to working with you all to turn these “words” above into real actions that benefit all members and help us all grow.

Ian Leafe