Payment Message for All British Taekwondo Instructors

Payment Message for All British Taekwondo Instructors

Due to a technical issue with our WorldPay account, you are currently not able to do the following:

1. Pay using Worldpay via The Hub – This means that you cannot currently select the ‘Pay with Card’ option, when paying for memberships in The Hub.

2. The usual Worldpay links that we send out (via email) for payments made outside of The Hub, do not currently work.


WorldPay are currently working hard to fix this issue, however in the meantime we have put some alternatives in place, please see these below.



  • When making payments in The Hub, please select ‘Pay With PayPal’.


If you have a PayPal account, please continue to sign into your PayPal account and continue to pay via PayPal.


If you do not have a PayPal account, please still click ‘Pay With PayPal’ and then on the next page you will get the option to pay with a credit or debit card instead. Please click this, fill in the ‘PayPal Guest Checkout’ information and then press ‘No Thanks’ when it asks you to create a PayPal account (Unless you want to set one up!). Finally, press ‘Continue’.

Please see screenshots to show this below:



  • For any payments made outside of The Hub (when we would usually send out WorldPay links via email), we will send you our Metro Bank Details, and ask you to create a bank transfer and send us a copy of bank remittance.


If you require any further assistance with this, please contact the British Taekwondo office on 01623 382 020, or email us at


Thank you! We will let you know as soon as this issue has been fixed.