British Taekwondo

British Taekwondo Membership Book UPDATE

As of today, British Taekwondo will no longer be providing clubs with membership books.

Since the introduction of The Hub, the need for membership books has depleted, as the downloadable certificates which are available on every member’s/instructor’s profile has replaced these books.

The aim has been to phase out these books in order to save on our paper usage, office time and postage costs. Therefore, from now on all membership processes will be completed electronically.

Clubs are free to produce and distribute their own membership books if this is something they would like to continue with.

As a reminder, for anybody who does not know, the following steps can be used to download membership certificates in The Hub:

1. Downloadable certificates on a member’s profile:

  • Look at your ‘Profile’ page in The Hub, and to the right of where it says ‘BT Membership Expiry Date’ there will be a download icon, click on this and it will then download your membership certificate. I have circled this icon in red below for reference:

2. Downloadable certificates on an instructor’s profile:

  • Look at your ‘Profile’ page in The Hub and scroll down to your green boxes which show your British Taekwondo Membership, Insurance and DBS and the downloadable certificates can be downloaded by clicking on the download icon on the top right corner of each box. I have circled these icons in red below: