2019 Cadet Major Championships Criteria UPDATE

British Taekwondo is currently waiting on the announcement confirming the date and location of the 2019 Cadet European Championships. Once this has been established, we will be sending out the expression of interest forms along with other supporting documents.

The Selection Panel will take into account performances at the events listed below.  These events are categorised in columns A, B and C (A being the most relevant and C being the least) corresponding with the likely importance to the Selection Panel when considering final selection of the team for this event. Please note, however, that the Selection Panel is obliged to consider other relevant factors as set out in the General Selection Information Policy and Performances in the events listed below will not, in themselves, guarantee selection.

The selection meeting date will be confirmed in due course.

Should you have any questions please email : cadets@britishtaekwondo.org






2018 Cadet European Championships



All G-Class Events (January 2019 onwards) & 2019 National Championships


2019 National Championships will only be considered if it takes place pre selection meeting TBC for the 2019 European Championship

All Domestic Open    Championships                                (January 2019 onwards)