The 12 Tips of Christmas From Membership Services

  • Keep Your Hub Tidy! Use the red delete button under the ‘Actions’ section on your ‘Members List’ to remove members who no longer train with you.
  • Please use the ‘My Members’ section in The Hub for your family members only.
  • When renewing members in The Hub, please only press the green ‘Renew’ button once, double clicking this button will create duplicate applications for the member.
  • If a member is not registered through The Hub, they are not insured to take part in British Taekwondo sessions. Non-BT members are only insured for two trial sessions, provided the Instructor records their name, date of birth and contact details. To take part in any further sessions they are required to join British Taekwondo.
  • Carry out regular (every month) audits of your membership to ensure no members are training with expired memberships, which means they will not be insured.
  • Please check your Hub profile to make sure you still have current Disclosure Checks Clearance with British Taekwondo (needs renewed every three years).
  • Your first port of call for accessing funding is to contact your local County Sports Partnership (CSP). Contact details can be found HERE
  • British Taekwondo has a Club Development Plan template and a Guide to writing a Club Development Plan available on the BT website CLICK HERE
  • Social media is a completely free way of advertising and marketing your club to a wide audience – learn how to use it or recruit someone who can from within your club.
  • Look at your club through the eyes of a visiting parent and work out what changes/improvements you can make to make the club more welcoming.
  • Every British Taekwondo club should have a fully trained Welfare Officer in attendance at all sessions.
  • Every British Taekwondo Instructor should have attended a Safeguarding & Protecting Children awareness workshop.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Fantastic New Year.

from British Taekwondo Membership Services


Reminder that the British Taekwondo office will be closing on Friday 21st December and re-opening on Wednesday 2nd January 2019.