AGM Update

The following motion for a resolution to be tabled for consideration at the forthcoming AGM has been received by British Taekwondo and under Section 292 of the Companies Act we are obligated to announce this.

“That a motion be tabled on behalf of all members of British Taekwondo to call for a review of the candidate shortlist for appointment of Non-Executive Directors and suspend the proposed election until satisfactory consensus is reached.


In the interests of transparency call for disclosure of the full candidate list and the selection criteria used to select / deselect those applicants.“

Support of this motion has been received by the requisite requirement of not less than 5% of the total voting rights of all members entitled to vote.

It has been agreed that this motion will be tabled for consideration and that the closing date for receipt of Proxy Votes be extended until midnight on Wednesday 21 November 2018.


British Taekwondo Annual General Meeting Announcement