REPORT – GB Cadets v Team Keumgang

During last weekend’s exciting Grand Prix in Manchester the GB Cadets gained some valuable experience by taking to the mats in a ‘Tag Team’ encounter against hugely talented Team Keumgang.

First up on Friday evening was the GB Female Team which lined up as follows:

Eve Htut –Cymru
Niamh Ryan – Premier
Latisha Garbett – Team Ultimate
Neve Hogg – Central
Jodie McKew – Horizon

The GB team went into this event against as underdogs against a Keumgang team whose five players had all qualified for the forthcoming European Championships in Spain.

Both teams were excited to be competing on such a great stage and in front of a big crowd.

Team GB set out with the game plan of keeping the scores tight, which proved successful and following the third player finishing Team GB was in the lead, and with a strong finish to the individual rounds saw Team GB 43-41 ahead.

Brimming with confidence after the great initial rounds, the girls continued to play well throughout the flag round and finished the exciting and hard-fought contest winning 70-59.


Following the girls win on Friday night, it was the turn of the GB Cadet Males to take on Team Keumgang on the Saturday evening.

A hugely talented Keumgang team with all five players regularly among the medals at G Class international tournaments.

The GB Male Team:

Jacob Wishart – WLM
Phillip Cabrot  –Kixstar
Josh Dancer – NTC
Shahid Naim – Superior
Sam Oluwatoyin – ATA

For most of the GB players this was their first experience of competing at a big event, and this would see them being tested against some of Europe’s best players.

In an explosive first five minutes and a fast start from the Keumgang Team GB found themselves down going into the five-minute flag round. The boys were up for the challenge and put in a fantastic performance in the second five minutes slowly pulling the score back as the round went on. However, it wasn’t to be, and the match ended 79-59 to take a hard-earned silver medal.