GB Poomsae Team Announced for World Championships

British Taekwondo are pleased to announce the selection of the Poomsae team that will represent Great Britain at the forthcoming World Championships in November.

The 11th edition of the World Taekwondo Poomsae Championships is scheduled to be held in the city of Taipei which is located on the Island of Taiwan just off the coast of China from 15th to 18th November 2018.

We are proud to be sending the largest team to date of experienced and talented athletes to compete against the very best in the World.

The team consists of:

Natasha Wilson (Central) – U14 Female 

Nino Ontoy (Manx) – U14 Male 

Caitlin Moir (Focus) – U17 Female 

Maximo Libid (PremierKi) – U17 Male 

Henry Chiu (PremierKi) – U30 Male


Wenqi Li (PremierKi) – U40 Female Said Khelwatty (LTA) – U40 Male


Simon Negus (PremierKi) – U50 Male 

Yousuf Dildar (LTA) – U60 Male

Ali Pourtaheri (Dragons Den) – U65 Male

Angela Broadbent (Shins Academy) – U65 Female

Mike Pejic (Pejic) – O65 Male


Joshua Tobin (Gajok) / Natasha Wilson (Central) – U14 Pair

Maximo Libid (PremierKi) / Rebecca Fletcher (Gajok) – U17 Pair

Wenqi Li (PremierKi) / Simon Negus (PremierKi) – O30 Pair


Donna Nguyen-Harrison (ATA) / Renee Marshall (Nomad) / Shayma Mir (PremierKi) – U14 Female Team

Oluwatimilehin Akinrele (Nomad) / Nino Ontoy (Manx) / Joshua Tobin (Gajok) – U14 Male Team 

Emily Hoang (Nomad) / Tegan O’May (Central) / Caitlin Moir (Focus) – U17 Female Team

James Barrett (Carlton Arena) / Thomas Leatherland (Carlton Arena) / Henry Chiu (PremierKi) – U30 Male Team

Ajay Singh Rawat (LTA) / Said Khelwatty (LTA) / Yousuf Dildar (LTA) – O30 Male Team

To assist in their preparation the players are being supported by Joby Wilson & Danielle Lester from Reboot Injury clinic based in Oxfordshire, to enhance performance and injury prevention.

BT would like to take this opportunity to wish all the athletes the best of luck in their preparations for the event and watch out for updates on the team over the coming weeks.